Canon EOS M

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Inspired by EOS technology, Canon developed the new EOS M Digital Camera. Canon introduced the market to Full HD video capture with smooth, quiet continuous autofocus made possible by Movie Servo AF and STM lenses, advanced CMOS sensor technology, and the processing power of DIGIC 5. The EOS M Digital Camera leverages these key technologies to deliver high-quality moving and still images with creativity provided by Canon’s extensive family of interchangeable lenses.

Check out our review to see what makes the Canon EOS M so great.

Tbreak Awards – Winners Announced


2013 for the Tbreak team begins with a high note as yesterday marked the first Tbreak Awards ceremony, held at Emirates Towers. We started things off with our very own Abbas Jaffar Ali who talked about the humble beginnings of, how far we have come over the past decade and how adventurous the future will be.

Abbas Jaffar Ali – Director, Tbreak Media

This was followed by an impressive opening speech by Jumbo’s CEO, Vishesh Bhatia, who talked about the coming trends in 2013 and how these advancements will change the way we use technology. and , we moved on to the actual awards ceremony.

Vishesh Bhatia – CEO, Jumbo Electronics

2013: World Wide War in the Tech sector

At the tbreak awards 2012, Jumbo’s CEO Mr. Vishesh Bhatia gave some predictions for 2013 and I tend to agree with most of what he said. If you weren’t present at the event, here are some of trends Mr. Bhatia saw going into 2013:

1) Tablets will continue to eat into PC Sales

I think this one is quite obvious given the insane popularity of the iPad. While the iPad will continue to sell really well in 2013, the overall market share for the iPad (in terms of percentages) will predictably drop because of the sheer number of Android and Windows tablets entering the market.

With Android, we’ve seen the Nexus 10 tablet from Google/Samsung priced very competitively on the higher end, while tablets from the likes of axtrom will continue to attract the price-conscious buyer curious about tablets. On Windows side, it is expected that Nokia and HTC will showcase their devices. You can also expect giants like Samsung and Sony continue to take a bite of the tablet market.

2) Smarter and more 4K TVs

In 2012, Sony was pretty much the only company selling the ultra hi-res 4k display but we will see a lot more players enter the market in 2013 if CES is anything to go by. All of the major players, Sony included, have announced a large number of models ranging from 55″ to 110″ and this will certainly bringing prices for these stunning displays lower.

As rightly pointed by Mr. Bhatia, the TV interface is still clunky and best used with a remote designed 40 years back. While we’ve seen gesture and motion based remote controls, I don’t think anyone has gotten it quite right yet. Will a certain fruit company show us how it’s done?

3) Android will continue to dominate on Smartphones

Google’s Android decisively won the race as far as numbers are concerned in the mobile phone space. While I see them in the lead in 2013, like the iPad, I think their overall market share will drop with Windows Phones gaining more ground and the new BlackBerry 10 based devices launching.

It will also be a somewhat tricky year for Google as Samsung has pretty much been responsible for the great success of Android and they have shown that they’re not committed to just making Android devices by releasing the Windows Phone based ATIV as well showing support for the upcoming Tizen OS. Samsung is also going to increase the usage of their Apps (Calendar and Notes at the moment) that replace Google Apps while Google is supposedly working with their acquired Motorola division to create a killer Google phone.

So there you have it. If you thought 2012 was a year that provided some great entertainment as Apple and Samsung battled it out, be prepared with even bigger showdowns in 2013.

Microsoft touts new Windows 8 PCs

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All eyes are on CES 2013 to see what the big names are announcing, and while Microsoft don’t have a direct presence at the show this year, they’re still promoting Windows 8 via other parties.

The company took the time to release a new video featuring upcoming Windows 8 devices from the likes of ASUS, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, and more. The video points out key features of each device, such as detachable screens, lightweight build quality, and a more intuitive touchscreen experience. While there’s no mention of Microsoft’s own Windows 8 Pro tablet, the devices on showcase certainly have some rather interesting features that will hopefully add to consumers adopting Windows 8 PCs.


Interview with Christian Morales- Intel EMEA’s Corporate VP and GM

We sat down with Mr. Christian Morales, Corporate VP and GM of Intel EMEA, and talked about how the PC experience will be reinvented with the arrival of Maxwell based CPUs in 2013, Intel’s lead in energy efficiency over other architectures with the move to 22nm and 14nm technologies in 2014 and that Intel sees the Middle East transforming into a knowledge based economy.

[youtube video=]

Razer brings PC gaming tablets on the cutting-Edge

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Previously only a prototype known as Project Fiona, Razer today at CES unveiled the final name and specifications of its power-packed tablet.

It’s called Razer Edge and the company claims it’s the “most powerful tablet in the world”. It’s not an exaggeration, either. Razer Edge will come in two varieties: Edge and Edge Pro. The Edge will come with Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA GT640 LE graphics card, 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB SSD, while the Edge Pro will use an Intel Core i7, NVIDIA Gt640 LE, 8GB of RAM, and either 128GB or 256GB SSD.

The Windows 8 tablet is powerful enough to play all of the current titles at 30fps, Razer claims, revealing benchmarks on several games, such as Dishonored which runs at 59fps and DiRT Showdown at 41fps.

The tablet is 0.8-inches thick and weighs only 2 pounds, which is slightly more compact that the iPad and Microsoft Surface. However, the best re-design that has come from the prototype is that the tablet no longer has permanent side-mounted controllers, instead it has been re-purposed  to be an to optional gamepad case with rumble feedback. Razer has also produced a keyboard dock for MMO players, and a docking station so players can prop it up, and play games using USB controllers. The tablet also has HDMI output to screen on an HDTV.

Razer Edge is expected to roll out sometime in Q1 on this year. The starting price is at $999.

Panasonic drops the bomb with a 20 inch Windows 8 tablet with 4k resolution

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I’ve always complained that though tablets are great for media consumption, they can never replace a desktop computer when it comes to content creation and processing due to it just not being powerful enough. Well, I would have to eat my words after Panasonic shook the industry by announcing a massive 20 inch Windows 8 tablet at CES 2013 that will run off an insane 4k resolution. Less than half an inch thin, the tablet is clearly aimed for media professionals like photographers and filmmakers and being the latter, I can safely say that this can definitely be a godsend in the editing room provided the specifications are up to the task because the resolution clearly is. With a stylus pen to go along with it, this probably won’t be a cheap device but will change the definition of what a tablet really should be. Read the entire press release below.

OSAKA, Japan, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Panasonic Corporation today announced the development of a new tablet computer that features a 20-inch IPS Alpha LCD panel with more than four times the resolution of Full High Definition, as well as a high precision digital pen. With the target to commercialize the new tablet later this year, Panasonic is gearing itself up to propose new business value this feature-rich device will offer to its customers in a wide range of industries. The tablet is on display at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11.

Employing Panasonic’s cutting-edge digital technology, the new tablet is designed to create new value for users with a more realistic and intuitive operating environment than paper or a display. This tablet embodies the characteristics of printed media that existing personal or tablet computers cannot provide, such as texture rich rendering, natural hand-writing and a light weight and thinness for easy mobility.

The 20-inch LCD panel delivers “4k” resolution (3840 x 2560, 9.83 million pixels), more than twice the horizontal and vertical resolutions of Full HD (1920 x 1080) and has a density of 230 pixels per inch. With a unique aspect ratio of 15:10, it can display an A3-size paper in almost full size, making it ideal to show content such as newspapers and magazines, as well as pictures with the same aspect ratio. Moreover, the pen input, with a resolution as high as the panel itself, enables natural handwriting on the tablet. Weighing 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs) and 10.8 mm (0.4 inch) thick, the tablet is easy to carry.

These unique characteristics will open up new ways for tablets to be used. The following is an example of its usage in an editorial meeting to finalize a new catalogue:

An editor comes into the room carrying a 4k tablet with him, lays it flat on the table and switches it on to show the catalog data for perusal by the editorial staff. While they check each page of the print-ready catalog by tapping and swiping the touchscreen, the editor jots down instructions for color changes directly on the screen using the digital pen and transfers them to the printing company. The meeting wraps up after they make a final check of the revised data returned from the printer to ensure the changes have been made correctly.

As the above example shows, the 4k tablet offers intuitive operation and ultra-high resolution images with superb color reproduction and a wide viewing angle unique to IPS Alpha panels, bringing an “eco and smart” work style into various business scenes.

The tablet is based on Windows 8 operating system, which enables the user to continue to use reliable applications developed for and business documents created on older versions of Windows. Besides offering an intuitiveness other PCs and tablets cannot rival, this innovative tablet will facilitate an environment in which users can develop business solutions in a timely fashion without losing any business chance.

Panasonic has built up trust with customers in a variety of industries by offering its ruggedized Toughbook laptops and Let’s Note mobile notebook PCs, which helped improve operation efficiency and productivity in harsh outdoor working environments where such IT products were rarely found. Building on these achievements, Panasonic will strive to commercialize the 4k tablet, making it available globally to provide new business values to customers.

Bye bye Messenger, hello Skype

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March 15 2013 is designated the day Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger (WLM) will breathe its last. In an email to the 100 million plus users of WLM, Microsoft stated that it is retiring the popular messaging tool that was first launched in 1999 when it was known as MSN Messenger. Users will be moved to Skype which Microsoft acquired back in 2011 for $8.5 billion. But don’t worry about losing your data; the latest Skype update lets users transfer contacts from Messenger.

In the email Microsoft says, “On 15th March 2013 we are retiring the existing Messenger service globally (except for mainland China where Messenger will continue to be available) and bringing the great features of Messenger and Skype together. Update to Skype and sign in using a Microsoft Account (same as your Messenger ID) and all your Messenger contacts will be at your fingertips. You’ll be able to instant message and video chat with them just like before, and also discover new ways of staying in touch with Skype on your mobile and tablet”.

It’s all well and good that Microsoft wants to streamline its messaging service but the question remains, will users appreciate the forced move to Skype or will it encourage them to switch instead to rival platforms such as WhatsApp Messenger or Google Talk?

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