IBM believes computers will have our 5 senses in 5 years

By on December 18, 2012
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Computers will be able to see, understand, smell, and help you touch and taste things. So, Skynet.


IBM is exploring what computers could do in a few years, and their research has led them to believe that in just 5 short years, computers as we know it, will be able to see and understand things, smell us and the  environment (deo sales will sky rocket), and even help us touch and taste things through it’s mechanical parts. In short, in 5 years we will have our own version of Skynet ready and fit to dominate. Fun times.

But jokes apart, what IBM is researching is nothing short of fantastical, and predicting that we will be able to do this in just 5 years, a technology we will be able to experience in our lifetimes, is incredible and awesome.

Let’s take a computer’s future ability to smell. Not only could it tell that you are smelling really bad, because there are not many discouraging elements in our lives already, but it will also be able to detect if you are going to have a cold before even you know it.

The computer’s ability to hear will be a boon to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes or flooding as it will be able to detect and understand the vibrations on the ground.

You will also be able touch and feel things through a computer screen through precise vibration technologies. So imagine shopping online and actually feeling the fabric of the clothes you want to purchase, or to check how heavy an object is. Of course, it is not only the retail industry that will benefit from this. Wink wink.

Check out the YouTube videos that describes what computer’s will be able to do in the future. And read more about it here.







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