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Sony has certainly been busy with its Xperia lineup of phones this year. I’ve checked out the Xperia Ion and the Xperia acro S previously, and both phones had their own merits. The latest Sony phone to land in our offices is the sleek Xperia TX, which Sony proudly advertised in the latest James Bond flick, Skyfall. So then, does the Xperia TX have all the bells and whistles that Q would approve of?

Build quality & design

One thing is for sure, Sony certainly builds its handsets to stand out from the crowds. The Xperia TX comes in a white matte finish, and sports a slight curve at the back so it fits more comfortably in your hand. While the plastic back certainly looks pleasing and won’t pick up as many scratches, it did tend to get a bit scruffy around the edges quite quickly during my week of testing.

The Xperia TX sports a minimal number of buttons and ports, mainly a power button on the left side, a headphone jack at the top, and a microUSB port, volume rocker, and dedicated camera button on the right side. It’s an example in minimalism, and the buttons are just big enough to operate comfortably. My only quip is that occasionally when picking up the phone without looking I ended up hitting the camera button instead of the power button when trying to unlock my phone.

The star of the Xperia TX (as with other Xperia phones) is the display – the 4.5 inch screen stares blankly at you until you wake the phone, and it’s then that the true beauty of the screen shines through.


While the Xperia TX won’t beat out other smartphones spec-wise, it’s still decent enough for most of your daily apps. Sure, Sony could have jumped onto the quad-core processor bandwagon, but it seems they’re saving that kind of power for their future phones.

Benchmarks and Performance

Since the Xperia TX runs on a dual-core processor, its performance was adequate for the tech under the hood. It performed somewhat similarly to other Xperia phones we’ve tested in that it was able to run most apps without issues, but did occasionally hiccup when there was a lot happening on screen in terms of visuals.

Overall thought, the Xperia TX runs smoothly through most everyday tasks – surfing the web, checking emails, Facebook etc. are all easily handled here.

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