ECS A85F2-A Golden Review

ECS’ Black Series motherboards have been quite popular in the overclocking arena, but their recent offshoot of ‘Golden’ edition motherboards is pretty much as premium as you can get.

The ECS A85F2-A Golden I’m looking at today is a great example of what the engineers at ECS can do for a relatively low-cost platform and sprinkle it with bells and whistles you expect on premium boards, while still keeping your budget in check.


Understandably then the ECS A85F2-A Golden doesn’t pack in a lot of goodies, with only a backplate (gold plated, of course) and 7x SATA cables, one for each port. The instruction manuals and drivers disc are the other extras, the latter being superseded by more updated versions on ECS’ website.

The name for the ECS A85F2-A Golden comes not only from the bling factor on the black PCB board, but also to highlight the quality of the components used. Most of the connectors, or at least the important ones like the CPU and memory slot pins and VGA ports, have gold plating. The solid capacitors and ferrite chokes are also plated in gold; more to show their quality in high life expectancy and stability under extreme temperatures and voltage, rather than the gold plating actually making any physical difference. Still, each Black Series motherboard comes in with a 72-hour stability test to ensure that your unit is capable of handling whatever you throw at it.

Beyond that the heatsinks on the motherboard are also gold plated, although their ability to dissipate heat faster than copper or aluminum is moot. The ECS A85F2-A Golden is also one of the first motherboards to support AMD Memory Profile, giving you the chance to really exploit AMD branded memory modules.


With all that out of the way, let’s see our test system.

Microsoft promotes Windows 8 phones with ‘Meet Your Match’ campaign

November 27, 2012 by  
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Microsoft recently announced a massive promotional campaign for Windows phones called ‘Meet Your Match’ and has just released a website to go along with it.

The Meet Your Match website features various videos where Ben, dubbed the Windows Phone guy (previously the PC guy), challenges people on the street to tasks that directly compare a new Windows Phone and their own existing iOS or Android phone. The tasks so far have included taking pictures in low light, recording video where the subject is moving quickly and even testing how kid friendly the phone is. As you can guess, Windows Phones always emerge on top and Ben succeeds in proving how they are a better match for you.

The challenger phones appear to be the latest Windows Phone entrants, the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X. And the best part – when people realize how inadequate their current phone suddenly is, they are ‘upgraded’ with a new Windows Phone.

As some might recall, the campaign is similar to the ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’ challenges Microsoft did earlier this year. But while speed was the focus there, it’s all about features here.

Check out the latest video of the campaign below.


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