Win two tickets to J-Lo’s “Dance Again” concert

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Jennifer Lopez has become one of the hottest selling artists of our time, and her “Dance Again” World Tour hits Dubai on November 22nd, 2012. The response to the show has been phenomenal, and tickets have already sold out for this award-winning artist.

If you’d like to see J-Lo live in concert in Dubai, we’ve got your chance right here on t-break! Thanks to HP Play, we’re giving away two regular tickets to the show.

2013 Lexus LX570 Review

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The Lexus LX series has been one of the most popular SUVs in the UAE since the beginning of this millennium. For the Toyota Land Cruiser loving crowd, the Lexus LX presented a more premium cut of the trusted SUV, and since launch the LX470, and more recently the LX570 have been one of the best selling SUVs here. Today I’ll be looking at the 2013 facelifted version that updates the 5 year old design of the LX570.


For the most part, the new 2013 LX570 is pretty much identical to the previous outgoing model, with subtle changes to the front and rear that bring it in line with the new Lexus corporate design. Our test unit was the full options “Titanium” trim which came with the roof rail and 20-inch alloy rims. I must say that the new dual 5-spoke design is much better than the 10-spoke design of the previous model.

The most noticeable change is obviously the front fascia where the center grill forms a wide hourglass shape stretching towards the bottom. The headlamps remain the same, except for the addition of the mandatory LED strip at the bottom. The foglights are now in a chrome housing rather than black.

Over in the back the taillights see a minor change in the form of a more angled array of LED strips inside, while the indicator lights come in frost housing. The best improvements come in the form of the rear bumper curving out at the bottom instead of protruding edges of the previous model. Whereas the old shape felt incomplete, the 2013 model makes the LX570 look like a well balanced SUV.

Apart from that new models come in two extra colors: Mercury Gray and Sleek Ecru; we had the former for on our review unit. The dark grey color does accentuate the modestly muscular wheel arches and the bulge on the hood of the LX570.


Like the outside, the interior of the new LX570 remains unchanged for the most part. There are, however, some meaningful updates to the main instrument panel with a completely new multicolored computer display smack in the middle. The backlit dials remain unchanged, with the temperature and fuel dials parted slightly to make way for the new  display panel. One of the most irrirating things here was that to control the speed of the a/c you have to hit the ‘Climate’ button and then adjust the speed on the navigation screen.

Apart form the slight changes in the button layout for the DVD player, the temperature increase and decrease buttons get color coded with red and blue, respectively. The new HDD based navigation system is also fairly fast and responsive, with easy access to the 8-inch screen. I’m glad Lexus kept the previous layout for the multimedia and navigation system, rather than implementing the new navigational controls like those in the recently reviewed ES350.

On the back we have two 7-inch screens for the rear passengers to enjoy multimedia content connected centrally throughout the ports behind the front passenger’s armrest. Apart from that you get the same spacious interior with automated fold up seats in the back.

Noise isolation remains spectacular, with hardly any noise coming in from the outside, even beyond highway speeds. This brings me to the exceptionally tuned 19-speaker system which gives clear audio even at low volume levels. And with the adjustable suspension system, you can have an extremely comfortable experience no matter what surface you take the LX570 on.

The Drive

The LX570 features the same 5.7-liter V8 producing 362HP @ 5,600RPM and 530Nm @ 3,200RPM. Gicen the 3.3-ton weight, that’s sufficient power for comfortable acceleration on the highway, and more than enough for the dunes of Dubai.

The adaptive suspension on our test unit made short work of any road surface, and coupled with the gas-filled shocks and stabilizer bar, the LX570 offered a smooth driving experience, although it did feel a bit floaty. Still, the benefit of all this luxury is realized when going in the desert as the 4×4 system is vigorously at work. You can customize the ride height and the crawl speed as well, locking the maneuverability of the LX570 depending on the terrain type.

The comfortable seats, suspension and sound proofing give the LX570 a very comfortable feel, not to mention the leather and wooden interior adds to the luxurious ambiance. The customizable 4×4 system gives you complete control over your driving method, although too many options maybe a bit old fashioned compared to the all-terrain automatic systems found in the likes of the Range Rover or the Infiniti QX. Still, the fuel consumption isn’t too bad, and once you’re set on cruise control, it’s actually pretty decent. All in all there’s hardly anything to complaint about the LX570, just some nitpicking here and there. In this price range, however, you can now get some very impressive badges, but none of them can match the overall package that is presented by the LX570 in terms of luxury, performance and cabin size.

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