Amazon adding fuel to the (Kindle) fire?

By on October 29, 2012
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Worried much about the iPad mini amazon?


Here is a picture you will find on Amazon’s home page today if you are visiting it from the UAE or, I’m assuming, anywhere else in this world.

Amazon is pointing out that the Kindle fire HD has a higher resolution screen than the iPad mini, the ability to watch HD movies and a pair of stereo speakers along with Ultra-fast MIMO Wi-Fi. To provide a quote, they have chosen Gizmodo, the website that paid for the stolen iPhone 4 that was lost in the bar before it was officially releases, and, from what I know, doesn’t gets invited to Apple events any more.

What they don’t point out is the higher resolution screen is smaller in size than the iPad mini (look at the comparison picture above) and that there is no option for 3G or LTE connectivity making all that HD content pretty much unreachable when you’re out and about because it’s 16GB is nowhere near the 64GB capacity that the iPad mini can go upto. They obviously do not mention the 275,000 apps available for the iPad or that it’s thinner, lighter and much better built.

Best of all, I’m not sure why I’m seeing that ad on Amazon’s page from the UAE where we neither have a Kindle available officially or any of the HD movies and TV content that it brings along with itself. Amazon should at least Geo-target their ad based on locations where they have a product to sell. Or maybe they didn’t want to compare the 7 countries to the 90+ that the iPad sells at.

It’s a shame that Amazon went down this route as it is a company I have great respect for and consider the pioneer in ecommerce. And that too after they reported record sales for the Kindle fire HD a day AFTER the iPad mini announcement. To me it looks like that the “record sales” for the Kindle fire HD probably only lasted for a day and some additional fuel was needed for the fire.


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  • Smoy686

    Written like a true apple fan boy and not a journalist. Great post (!!!)

  • DocBSchueler

    Ummm, the Fire HD costs $129 less than the iPad Mini and you have to add $330 to that cost to get the 64 3G-LTE model. Amazon does offer a larger screen 4G LTE model for $599 which is $60 less than the comparable iPad Mini. The loaded Kindle offers an 8.9″ display, Dolby audio, dual-band Antenna, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and 64GB of memory. The big savings comes from being able to purchase your 4G access with a $50 purchase, per year, for 250MB a month.

    The nice part of the Amazon HD is that Amazon is basically selling it at cost in the hopes of selling apps, books, movies, etc. That allows almost anyone to be able to purchase a great tablet for as little money as possible. It would cost 50% more to buy the stripped-down iPad Mini. For me, it is a no brainer. I’ll be buying the Kindle Fire HD, but if a windfall of money magically appears, I’ll also buy the iPad Mini..

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