NVIDIA: We have high hopes for new Tegra chips

By on September 11, 2012
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Company is excited about the lineup of future products.

NVIDIA is no stranger to the GPU market, having produced some of the best-in-class graphics cards and chipsets for desktop, notebook, and mobile platforms. During our time at Gamescom this year, we sat down briefly with Igor Stanek, Product PR Manager EMEA for NVIDIA to check out their latest lineup of products and to find out what the company has in store for the future.

With the launch of the new GTX 660Ti, are you ready to move onto the GTX 700 series?
Not at the moment – we still have a lot we want to do with the 600 series, so it’s going to be a long time before we approach the next evolution in the series.

With your expansion into the tablet market, as well as core focus on mobile and desktop GPUs, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
It’s difficult to see where the technology will head even a few years from now, it’s changing that rapidly in the mobile spectrum. There are much more faster devices coming out, which means that hardware is changing faster than ever. You’ll soon have one device like a phone that you take with you during the day, then come home and connect to your TV to play some games. So to keep up with this kind of technology we also have to keep looking at how our chipsets should evolve and support these new kinds of hardware specifications. It’s not convenient to have so many devices with you to do so many different things – I want to have just one device that I can do everything on, so we need to see how we can achieve this with our technology and chipsets.

Do you have discussions with AMD on when to launch the next generation of GPUs in the yearly cycle?
(laughs) We’re both on very different release cycles, so we tend to stick to our roadmap when releasing our products. We have a specific mindset in which to work with our chipsets.

Two of your most famous products (according to recent Steam survey) are still the GTX 460 and the GTX 560. Can you comment on why the GTX 660 released so late?
I don’t think it was released late, I think it came out at just the right time. If you look at the periods between say 470 and 480 being launched, and then 460 coming out, and then the same period between the 560 and 580 launching, the gap between the launches was just about the same. We want to make sure our products are ready for release when they hit the market, as we have a very strong promise of quality and performance to keep up with our users.

TXAA is a revolutionary Anti-Aliasing technology that you’re introducing in new cards. Will we see backwards compatibility with cards such as the GTX 600 & GTX 500 series?
We’re not quite ready to talk about backwards compatibility at the moment because we’re focusing on our current generation of flagship cards, but it could be something we address in the future.

With the power of new Tegra chips, how close will it be before current tablets come to play on par with consoles? Do you foresee something like Battlefield 3 running on a tablet?
We have high hopes in terms of quality for the new Tegra chips, which come very, very close to what you can get on an Xbox 360 or even a Playstation 3 at times. Tegra 3 is five times faster than Tegra 2, so we want to keep that momentum and progress going when we work on the next Tegra chip. The CPU and GPU for mobile devices will keep on increasing, and I’m sure in the future we will see a device that rivals the performance of most laptops and consoles we have today. For now it’s important we understand what we exactly want from our mobile devices and evolve our technology in the same manner.


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