Shoot-out: Canon Powershot vs. Canon Ixus vs. Canon DSLR

By on August 1, 2012
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Are the lines between point and shoot and DSLR’s blurring?


It was a bright afternoon at the beginning of our press event, and we decided to start off by testing the zoom capabilities of both these cameras on these beautiful looking animals – the Canon Ixus and the Canon Powershot. Now the DSLR doesn’t apply here since it has interchangable lenses that will provide widely varying results, so we only use the DSLR during low light situations later in the article.

Here is the Canon Powershot, which boasts a very impressive 20x zoom and this is the camera at the highest point of that (IS is on).

Canon PowerShot SX240 HS: f/ 6.8 - 90mm - ISO 800 - 1/125 sec

As you can see, the camera performed brilliantly at that zoom level and the IS made sure that the image is still in focus and not blurred out at all which is usually the case. The quality is sharp enough and at the end of the day, that’s what you need with a zoomed in image like this.

Taking the same image with the Ixus, the zoom level is much lower on the device and this is the max level of zoom we could do without going into the digital zoom which everyone knows leads to all sorts of quality degradation.

Canon IXUS 125 HS: f/ 5.9 - 22mm - ISO 500 - 1/100 sec

The image was still impressive, although noticeably less sharp and noisier than the Powershot image. But considering the difference between the cameras, I was still very surprised on how solid the picture looked. There are differences in zooms of both these cameras for sure, but they both perform quite well within their specs.

Daytime Images

What we were most excited to see about the cameras was their low light performance, but there was still enough of the day to get by and we decided to give both these cameras a run in that period. Here are some of the images that we took with the cameras during the day.

PowerShot SX240 HS: f/ 5 - 23mm - ISO 800 - 1/40 sec

IXUS 125 HS: f/5.9 - 22mm - ISO 800 - 1/25 sec


IXUS 125 HS: f/ 5.9 - 22mm - ISO 800 - 1/25 sec

IXUS 125 HS: f/ 5.9 - 22mm - ISO 800 - 1/25 sec

PowerShot SX240 HS: f/ 5 - 31mm - ISO 800 - 1/60 sec

PowerShot SX240 HS: f/ 6.3 - 68mm - ISO 800 - 1/60 sec

IXUS 125 HS: f/ 2.7 - 4mm - ISO 400 - 1/80 sec

PowerShot SX240 HS: f/ 5 - 24mm - ISO 800 - 1/50 sec

What difference did we notice? Not much, to be honest. In broad daylight, both these cameras are robust performers and the image quality is crisp and does well in most kind of scenarios. It was during some very fast moving shots when the birds were fluttering around that we had issues capturing a non blurry shot, but that’s the kind of thing that happens with most cameras not equipped with a separate powerful lens. From the images, it may seem that Powershot performs especially good during those closeup shots but the images below show that the race is pretty close between the cameras in that department too.

IXUS 125 HS: f/ 2.7 - 4mm - ISO 200 - 1/30 sec

PowerShot SX240 HS: f/ 3.5 - 4mm - ISO 320 - 1/30 sec

And now, we step into the darkest night to take these cameras to their limits. Not to mention, bring out our powerhouse DSLR to give them a tough fight.

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