2013 Infiniti JX35 Review

By on August 31, 2012
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The (almost) perfect SUV for large families and long road trips.

Good: Roomy, comfortable & luxurious interior; Loads of Driver Assists help in a smooth ride; Navigation and other tech very easy to use; decently powerful engine and CVT gear provides better than average fuel efficiency.
Bad: Exterior styling may not be to everyone's liking; All the Driver Assists make the drive feel a bit too automated.
Price: AED (under) 200K
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

Open up the doors and you’ll feel like you’re inside a cavern, so big is the interior of the Infiniti JX. There’s a ridiculous amount of legroom available for the front and mid passengers, and just about enough room (think small sedan) for the rear passengers in the third row.

The entire interior of our test JX came in creamy beige leather, with maple wood trimmings, and complemented by matt silver panel housings. The plush leather seats are very comfortable, as is pretty much everything you can touch and feel inside.

Unfortunately the steering wheel also came in the same colored leather cover as the rest of the interior, so it actually looked a bit tacky. Turn on the JX, however, and as the seat and steering adjusts to your settings (both seat and steering extend out when you shut off the car), you’ll feel surrounded in comfortable bubble.

The center console is slightly tilted towards the driver’s side, making every button and knob easily accessible. The navigation system is accessible both by onscreen touch controls as well as main dial knob below the screen, along with all the different menu buttons. All the climate controls are also accessible via multitude of buttons, making for very easy operations. The seat air conditioning (or heating) is also controlled by a pair of knobs for the front seats.

Having a plethora of buttons for various controls makes for very straightforward operation controls, but many people will be put off by so many buttons. You’ll either love it or hate it. Personally I appreciate the simple control scheme, even though it may look overwhelming at first, because the other option would have been a simplified look, but digging into menus to control the simplest of tasks, as is the case with most German car makers.

The center console in our test car was accompanied with a 15-speaker BOSE surround sound system and two 7-inch screens attached to the rear headrest of the front passenger seats. Outside of a 3G SIM controlled WiFi hotspot, the Infiniti JX has pretty much all the entertainment needs covered for a family.

Of course, luxury and entertainment are also accompanied by a multitude of driver assists to keep mommy or daddy happy. First off is the LDP (Lane Departure Prevention) which basically warns you whenever you start veering off your lane with beeping alerts. The LDP system works surprisingly well, even on roads with heavy ‘S’ turns on them. Click on the indicator, or turn sharply and the system will obviously not engage.

Next up is the BSI (Blind Side Intervention) system which basically activates a yellow LED every time a car enters your blond spot on the roads. Start turning or give an indicator to initiate a lane change and the BSI system’s alarmed beeps will go off, even going so far as to apply selective braking (read: very minor) and literally help bring you back in line.

I can see how the FCW (Forward Collision Warning) system is helpful, by providing visual (in the speedometer dash) and audio warning (quick beeps). However, any driver worth their salt will not need the system as you would either be well aware of the car in front of you to brake properly, or you’ll hit them anyway if not paying attention. What is useful, however, is the adaptive cruise control system which will slow you down if the car in front of you is slower than your cruise speed.

Last, but not least. Is the BCI (Backup Collision Intervention) system, whereby the JX’s computer uses reverse sensors and sonar to measure any objects behind the car and will actually stop movement (for speeds below 10kmph). Couple that with front & back and top/ down view of the surrounding area and you can park the JX with extreme precision, no matter how tight the spot.

The number of driver assists, easy to use controls, a roomy, comfortable and quiet interior, coupled with a good sound system makes the Infiniti JX one of the most pleasant SUVs to be in with your family.

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  • The Other Neo

    Such a pity that the new Pathfinder which is based on this car will lose its off-road capabilities – Smaller engine, CVT transmission, no low-range or locking centre differential.

    Someone on their Facebook page called it the Mallfinder.

  • Majid

    Blond Spot or Blind Spot! LOL!!!!!

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