Professor assaulted at McDonald’s for wearing Digital Eye Glass

By on July 18, 2012
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Maybe he should have ordered a Happy Meal?


It’s not every day that you walk into McDonald’s and get assaulted. But unfortunately that’s what happened to one Steve Mann, who had a rather unpleasant experience at a McDonald’s in Paris.

First a bit of a back story – Mann wears an Eye Tap Digital Eye Glass, which uses a camera and display positioned just in front of his right eye. The setup has some similarities to Google’s Glasses, and Mann has been using some form of computer vision for the past 34 years. He also carries around the necessary documentation from his physician explaining the device and what it does. The system Mann wears is one he designed himself and has helped to greatly assist people with limited vision.

According to a lengthy blog post by Mann, after being served his meal he was approached by a McDonald’s employee who tried to pull the eyeglass off Mann’s head – a feat not easily accomplished as the setup is permanently attached and cannot be removed without special tools. The alleged employee also tore up the documentation that Mann was carrying, and shoved him out of the restaurant. But the silver lining of the story is that because the eyeglass was damaged, it stopped processing future images, which meant that Mann was able to download images of the people who assaulted him as well as potential witnesses to the act.

Mann’s post isn’t harsh and he’s not gunning for McDonald’s – he just wants an explanation in to the event and for his eyeglass to be repaired. Were the assailants undercover Googlers? Or maybe the French don’t like being filmed? More details will come up for sure as McDonald’s have tweeted to Mann that they “take the claims very seriously, are in process of gathering info & ask for patience until all facts are known.”

Read the entire post here.


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  • Kashif

    That’s utter non-sense by that McDonald’s employee. No matter how annoying is something to you, you should first ask the other person gently. May be there is reason for someone to do particular act.
    That employee should be tought some manners on how to treat customers.
    Also, McDonald’s, never forget to repair the glasses or replace with new.

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