Panasonic Introduce 6 New Full High Definition Camcorders to the Middle East Market

By on June 14, 2012
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The camcorder market gets even better with these new high-end additions by Panasonic.


Panasonic has introduced a full 6-model lineup of Panasonic FHD camcorders with exceptionally high image quality to the Middle East, it was announced today.

In the high-end 900 Series,3MOS System Pro achieves a dramatic improvement in performance with a totally re-engineered lens, sensor, and engine.Crystal Engine Pro II employs high-speed processing for themassive number of pixels — approximately equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD — that are produced by the Advanced 3MOS Sensor thanks to a unique pixel shift technology.

This allows the new system to produce Full-HD images with breathtaking color, detail and gradation. 3MOS System Pro is a next-generation imaging system that exhibits outstanding effects even under dim lighting, and produces bright, beautiful images with minimum noise.

The newly developed High Sensitivity Sensor in the 700 Series greatly improves image quality in low light levels. The 900/700 Series can also shoot lifelike 3D images by simply mounting an optional conversion lens. Because the 3D images are recorded in the new AVCHD 3D format,* they are highly compatible with TVs and BD players, allowing users to easily enjoy high-quality 3D viewing at home.

Recorded 3D data can also be intuitively edited by using included software to add the finishing touches to original 3D images.All models include the option to record in the iFrame format, which is designed to speed up editing when working with compatible video editing applications.
A host of other new performance features and advanced functions are included in each of the new models, resulting in a widely diverse lineup that matches virtually all lifestyles.

  • Only the 900 Series.

One of Panasonic’s strengths in line-up of Camcorders is great Optical Image Stabilization. Particularly, when zooming, OIS helps minimize blur caused by hand-shake.

 This year, Panasonic has taken stabilization to un-paralleled level with the advent of 5-Axis OIS. This thoroughly suppresses blurring all the way from wide- angle shots to powerful zoom shots. It also achieves superb effects when shooting while walking. It lets you capture crisp, clear images, without blurring, in almost every shooting situation.


Panasonic achieves its highest-ever image quality in these models with 3MOS System Pro, which combines the Advanced 3MOS Sensor with its new pixel shift technology, the LeicaDicomar Lens with Nano Surface Coating Technology, and Crystal Engine Pro II with its high-speed processing capability. The newly featured HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)+ also thoroughly suppresses blurring across the entire zoom range. With the optional 3D Conversion Lens mounted, these models will also record FULL HD 3D images in the AVCHD 3D format.


These models are equipped with Panasonic’s newly developed High Sensitivity Sensor, which dramatically improves image quality. They record bright images with minimum noise even under dim lighting. Both models also feature a 28mm wide-angle* setting and Intelligent 46x Zoom, and support 3D shooting, making them truly all-around camcorders for a wide variety of shooting situations.

* 35mm camera equivalent.


A host of features, including the Intelligent 50x Zoom and powerful HYBRID O.I.S. + complement the stylish design of these basic-performance, compact models. The HYBRID O.I.S. + suppresses blurring across the entire zoom range, to produce clear, stunning images even when taking handheld 50x zoom shots or shooting while walking.

V500 is exclusively Made in Japan for customers in the Middle East and offers 2D to 3D conversion functionality.


A light and compact design makes these models ideal for carrying about, for a full 155 minutes of recording.* This extended recording capability means that there is less worry about the remaining battery power when using these camcorders while traveling or on the move. Picture quality is breath taking.

* 155 minutes of recording time with a fully charged battery (HA mode) in NTSC areas. 165 minutes in PAL areas.


The HC-V10/V10M/V11M have taken a major step upward from last year’s standard image quality to provide HD image quality in this new compact model with a dynamic 70x zoom.

Optional Accessories

(All Models)

A host of optional accessories are available to suit individual users’ shooting styles. The extensive lineup of optional accessories expands the possibilities for shooting fun. The Video DC Light (VW-LDC103)*/** is suitable for illuminating dark scenes. Its switchable Spot/Wide function allows the lighting range to be selected according to the scene. The Shoe Adaptor (VW-SK12) lets the user attach multiple accessories on the camcorder to help capture images with full detail. The Stereo Microphone (VW-VMS2)*** captures sound with better quality and enhanced dynamism. It adds higher quality and dynamic power to sounds recorded in large places, such as a concert hall.

*A shoe adaptor is required when used with the HC-X800/V500/V500M/V100/V100M/V10/V10M/V11M.
**A dedicated battery or battery charger is required.

***For the HC-X900/X900MV700.

Pre-Rec Function
(All Models)
When the Pre-Rec function is on, the camcorders continuously records three seconds of images into an internal buffer memory. Then, provided that the camcorder is aimed at the subject in advance, when the Record button is actually pressed, the three seconds immediately prior are added at the beginning of the clip being recorded. For example, this can be used to capture a soccer player in the act of kicking the ball even if the Record button wasn’t pressed until after a goal was made. The Pre-Rec function is especially helpful in capturing sudden shooting opportunities.

(All Models)

The camcorders are compatible with Panasonic’s VIERA Link. The user can simply connect it to a VIERA TV via an HDMI mini cable, and operate the camcorder using the TV remote control and following on-screen prompts.


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