Getting serious about gaming with ORIGIN PCs

By on June 12, 2012
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Custom paint jobs, hardware, specs – you name it and they’ll make it.


For as far back as I can remember, PCs and laptops were the most boring things to look at. PCs were a dull beige color, while laptops tended to lean towards murky shades of grey. As the 90s progressed, we saw a few companies try and stand out from the crowd such as Creative with their black tower PCs, or Compaq with their then-trendy colored snap-on covers.

But looks certainly weren’t everything, and soon people were passing up on ready-assembled PCs in favor of putting together their own powerhouse computers. And thus the era of custom PCs was born. The thrill of swapping around RAM sticks and hard drives to create the ultimate PC continues until today, with overclockers and tech enthusiasts constantly looking for the perfect combination of hardware to deliver the best performance.

It’s with this mindset that I sit down to have a chat with Origin PCs, a company that is slowly but surely becoming a fan favorite among PC gamers and enthusiasts. Founded by former Alienware execs, the company aims to return to the roots of custom-built PCs, something that was previously catered to by Alienware themselves, until they were purchased by Dell and the customization options fell drastically. Origin PCs aims to change that by offering custom gaming PCs that play the latest games while at the same time meeting strict build, performance, and quality tests.

Talking enthusiastically about Origin with me is Eddy Piedra and Jorge Percival, and it’s clear from our first few minutes together just how passionate they are about the company. “Our company is called Origin because we’re going back to the origins of cusom-made PCs. We put in a lot of effort and detail into our machines – each order that is placed with us is built from the ground up, and we can cater to most requirements from the latest processors to liquid cooling to a custom paint job. We’re committed to providing a top level of support and service to our customers as well, and we pride ourselves on having a dependable 24/7 support desk to answer customer queries.”

Of course, what they say rings true – how many of us have had exasperating phone calls to support desks that simply follow a script or can’t help without assigning you a ticket?

When asked if Origin PCs will ever hit retail stores, Piedra says that it would be a great accomplishment but it also poses a challenge. Because the company currently only takes orders via its website, customers have a much larger selection of components to choose from, and can also request specific parts. “It would be hard to stock a retail configuration that would appeal to a variety of consumers, so at the moment it’s working great through the website” adds Percival.

The company’s success is quite clear, with orders taking at least a month to process and deliver due to the influx of customer requests. And while the company does all of its assembly and manufacturing in the United States, it does ship worldwide. Despite being considered a newcomer to the market, the founders of Origin have a collective 30+ years of experience in PC manufacturing, and it’s this wealth of experience that is fast propelling Origin to become the preferred PC manufacturer for gamers and power users. In fact, the company’s ‘Big O’ gaming rig is probably the most souped-up thing you’ll ever see, encompassing both a high-performance PC and an integrated Xbox 360 system. Yes you read that right, a PC and Xbox available side by side in one mammoth case.

I think I’ve died and gone to gaming heaven.

For more information on Origin’s lineup of laptops and desktop machines, check out their website here.


A former IT & Marketing Manager turned full time Editor, Nick enjoys hurling fireballs and tinkering with the latest gadgets. Follow him on Twitter as @theregos

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