Digital Cameras vs Mobile Phones

By on May 6, 2012
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Is your phone good enough for your holiday photos?


Ok, so you’re all packed and about to go for a holiday. Comfortable shoes? Check. iPod? Check. Sun glasses? Check. Trusted Blackberry and charger? Check. Camera? Wait…isn’t your phone good enough to capture your precious memories? I think not. Let me tell you why you need a digital camera and why the camera on the back of your phone is just not good enough.

But firstly, what is a digital camera? It’s a device that captures or records still or moving subjects and stores the memories for later viewing on a digital medium such as a memory card. So wouldn’t you be happy if the memories are captured in higher quality so that when you play back your photos or videos, you can truly relive the moment?

The best picture quality comes from the best combination of lens, engine, and sensor. These three elements are crucial to any digital camera and in capturing the best possible image. So why do you need that camera, again?

Well, firstly the sensor in your still camera is around nine times larger than the sensor on your mobile, which means much more light falls onto the sensor. Generally speaking, the larger the sensor, the better the likely hood of getting clearer stills and videos, even in low light conditions.

What about the lens? The lens on a mobile phone is way too small and does not have the aspherical coating to give you distortion-free images. Sounds a bit technical, but again the better the lens, the better the image, which means straight lines appear straight and the color reproduction is faithful to the actual color of the object. And with features like image stabilization, you can ensure you get blur free images and sharp, bounce-free videos, even if shot while you were walking.

When it comes to expressing your creativity these days, mobile phones – particularly the smartphones – are equipped with quite a few art filters or apps so that photos of objects can be made to look interesting. However, you still cannot beat the clarity and the capability of your still camera. Shoot a photo in RAW format, and you have complete flexibility to change the image to your liking, which you just can’t do with an image shot by a mobile phone. What’s more is that if you are traveling and you want to capture photos or videos of distant objects, your mobile phone with limited digital zoom capabilities will be beaten hands down by your friend’s camera with an optical zoom lens. These days very compact cameras offer extremely high zoom ratios so you are never too far from the subject you want to shoot.

Ok, so let’s say you are still not convinced. The main reason to have your phone with you is to get in touch with people and communicate, right? So imagine you are out in the wilderness with your phone battery flat out and no way to capture the scenic sunset. Wouldn’t you be better off had you carried your camera with you? I don’t want to say it, but it sounds like an ‘I told you so’ moment. Or what about when you see your favorite celebrity, the burst shooting mode on your camera will allow you to show off your professional side by capturing multiple images in a short period of time, ensuring that there is at least one image that captured the moment in all its glory. But because your phone can’t shoot in burst mode (with the exception of very new models) you may end up not being able to take the photo in time. Once again, your digital camera comes out on top.

For picture quality, clarity and detail, the digital camera is your best friend for your holiday – the tiny camera at the back of your mobile phone may be good, but it’s just not good enough.

Happy Holidays!


Hitesh Ojha is Deputy General Manager - CPBG, Consumer Electronics Department, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE.

  • gregzeng

    Another biased, unrealistic view of cameras (trolling?).  No good having ANY camera, if it not on your body, 24/7, every place, every time.  Only God(s) can predict when we have that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

    Iphone even has video-movie competitions: good enough for most You-tubers.  Myself: a quick color photocopier (software adjust be faxing, etc), hardware & software layouts before & after modifications, sneak opportunities (impossible with “camera-only” units) …. .  Most times I use my smartphone, but a simple Java phone has days of battery like.

    My Mororola Defy is also scratch, water, dust & drop resistant.  As well as having spare batteries, memory cards, WLAN, GPS, Blutooth, movie & audio inputs/ outputs.

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