Nvidia regbadges old Fermi cards to series 600

By on April 12, 2012
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Only entry-level cards affected.

Rebadging previous generation cards to newer ones is not a new practice, as both Nvidia and AMD have done this in the past. A popular example by Nvidia is with their mid-range 9800GTX+ rebranded to GTS 250. Most recently AMD has done the same with their high-end mobile HD 6770M to HD 7690M XT, although rebranding in mobile GPUs is commonplace.

According to Fudzilla, Nvidia will be rebadging some of their old Fermi based entry-level cards to series 600; made popular with the new Kepler architecture of the GTX 680. Retail GT 610 will be a rebranded GT 520, the GT 620 will be a GT 430, and the GT 630 will be a GT440. The idea is that these cards will come with a new BIOS, faster clock speeds and, in the case of the GT 630, come with GDDR5 memory.

The GT 440; soon to be GT 630.

It seems that TSMC fabrication plant cannot keep up with 28nm production, and with the impending release of Intel’s Ivy Bridge and AMD’s A10 Trinity processors, the entry-level market for graphics will be extremely competitive. Under such circumstances it comes as no surprise that Nvidia is rebranding previous generation hardware to keep pace in the market.


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  • http://tinyurl.com/kanescave Faye Kane Homeless Brain

    So if the junkie robbed other gas stations, it’s okay to rob a new one?

    And if the kid across the street steals cars, it’s okay for you, too?

    This blatantly deceptive bait-and-switch scam is just the kind of thing that has made nvidia’s marketing department something  people hold in contempt.

    I’m not surprised that nvidia renames low-end cards and gives them model numbers two generations ahead.  What surprises me is that because AMD does it too, that it’s okay.

    It’s NOT okay!  And if they’ve done it before, it wasn’t okay then either!

    How many enthusiastic kids will save the money they made throwing burgers at McDonald’s and buy a 430 with a new sticker on the front, assuming it will outperform a 580?

    This is a perfect example of why capitalism is only efficient at making rich old white men even richer at the expense of everybody else.

    And no, I’m not an AMD fanboy.  That is, I’m not an AMD fan and I’m not a boy. 

    I bought a 470 when they just came out, even though I don’t use it for anything but second life.  And that’s AFTER I bought three of the G-92 processors that nvidia knew were defective but sold anyway.

    Yes, sometimes AMD is a little faster, and sometimes nvidia is.  But the last AMD card I bought was the EGA Wonder because I like nvidia’s innovative architecture.  And mainly because nvidia drivers are bug free, while AMD’s grotesquely bad drivers were written by a special-ed typing class.

    Like at Microsoft, the dedicated engineers at nvidia are betrayed by the marketing-major frat boys who sell their work dishonestly.

    – faye kane

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