Nvidia announces GeForce GTX 690

By on April 29, 2012
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The fastest GPU in the world launching later this week.


After many rumors about Nvidia’s dual GPU solution, now that the flagship GTX 680 has been launched, nothing concrete has come from Nvidia. That is until last night when the GTX 690 was officially announced.

As you would expect, the GTX 690 carries two GF110 GPUs, so you get double the benefits of a GTX 680. 3072 CUDA cores, 64 ROPs, 256-bit bus on each GPU and 4GB of RAM in total. Gone is the NF200 bridge used in the GTX 590, instead we have PLX’s PEX 874x switch that is PCIe 3.0 enabled, with 48 lanes.

To accommodate for two GPUs on one PCB some speed drops have been made to reduce heat, but thankfully not by much. Core clock speed is 915MHz (boosting to 1019MHz) compared to the GTX 680′s 1006MHz (Boosting up to 1058MHz).

Power comes in the form of two 8-pin connectors, with the GTX 690 rated at 300W TDP, compared to 375W TDP on the GTX 590. But not only does the GTX 690 dissipate less heat, but also runs cooler and quieter, 47dB compared to 51dB on the GTX 590.

The new heatsink on the GTX 690 is equally impressive, in that the aluminum fins on top of the GPUs are attached to chrome-plated aluminum cover, as opposed to the plastic cover on pretty much all of their other cards. Even the fan housing is magnesium alloy, which reduces noise and dampens vibrations. Nvidia will also have an LED which can be controlled by partners to indicate different things, changing colors or level of glow depending on the usage for instance.

All said, the number of monitors connected to the GTX 690 is limited to four, three via DVI and one mini-DisplayPort. The asking price for this impressively engineered product is $1000, which works out about the same as two GTX 680s. Availability will begin on 3rd of May, with more shipments coming in on 7th May. However, given the limited availability of the GTX 680s, don’t expect the GTX 690s to linger in stock for more than a few hours.

We’ll have full review coverage soon.


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