Pinterest – the vitals revealed

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Pinterest has become one of the fastest social activities, raking in hundreds of new users by the hour. The service allows users to ‘pin’ photos and videos as ‘moments’, and thus share content that people would find interesting. Since its launch in March 2010, the site has gained popularity and now boasts its own iPhone app that has seen well over 250,000 downloads and rising.

But who really uses Pinterest? And does the site actually hold some weight when it comes to recommending products to buy? A quick infographic from Tamba UK sheds a bit more light on this pinteresting social network…

Anonymous anounces Operation Defense Phase II

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In a video posted on YouTube, infamous hacker group Anonymous announced that they are launching ‘Phase 2′ of a plan to take down the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). In the video, Anonymous calls on citizens to physically protest against the passing of this law, as it contains few limits on how the government monitors private information.

Anonymous also mentions that Distributed Denial of Service attacks are now no longer an effective weapon as websites have upgraded their servers and beefed up security. The group lists that physical protests will start from May 1st outside the premises of all companies that support CISPA, such as AT&T, IBM, Intel, Verizon, and others.

Check out the video below posted to the ‘TheAnonMessage’ YouTube account:


The Failure Of Low-Power x86 Processors

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Quote: “Consumers have spoken. Nettops are all but dead an all-in-ones
have moved to laptop versions of Intel processors instead of Atom.
Even netbooks seem to be nearing the end of their life. We’ve heard
from ASUS that their next line of netbooks, which will be powered by
the AMD E-Series, is the last they have planned.”

XJacKer PS3 Kit Review

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” I haven’t seen many console accessories in a while but I’ve got a few of them coming for you, starting today with the XJacker PS3 Kit. I’m sure right now you’re wondering what the heck an XJacker is, well it’s an adapter that let’s you use most any headset or headphones with your PS3. They can be the same ones you use with your PC, phone or MP3 player. They can have have a microphone or not, but I think you’ll want a microphone to have the ability to chat of course. The XJacker PS3 Kit is inexpensive product that comes in just under $20 and I think it’s worth as I looked around and really couldn’t find a decent wired headset for the PS3 for under $50. The Xjacker PS3 Kit lets you use your current headset with your PS3 and you don’t any functionality, this way you don’t have to buy separate headsets which is you spending more money.”

Main site link:

Carbon Fiber Design Rubberized Hard Case Cover for HTC Titan Review

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Review Link:

Review Snipit:
” When is premium not premium? I like to check out Amazon for deals and many times you can find decent ones, especially on phone accessories, but there are times when it’s just not worth it and you should just buy a name brand. I got an HTC Titan and needed a case so I grabbed a cheap one, yeah that was a mistake. I like the look of carbon fiber so I found a hard plastic case that had a carbon fiber design and ordered it. It’s not what I expected at all and it doesn’t look like the picture the seller has of the case on Amazon. So read on to check it out, but don’t buy it please…”

Antec HCG-620M 620W Power Supply Unit Review

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It really feels like centuries since i last reviewed a power supply unit and so todays review is not only the first of its kind here but also the first one i test with a new test rig (well not actually new since the components are pretty much what I’ve always used, just on a different test bench). I am sure that by now most of you are well aware about the reasons as to why people should always prefer brand name power supplies over noname ones but for all of you who are not i can point the 3 perhaps most important ones which are clean and stable power for your system (translates to more life for your computer), higher quality components (more durable) and finally lower noise levels (who likes noise?). So today on the new test bench we have the latest Antec HCG-620M, a 620 modular unit targeted towards the mid-end segment of the market and more specifically gamers.

Article Link:

Nvidia\’s Flagship Dual-GPU Powered GTX 690 Preview

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The Dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690 is Nvidia’s fastest card yet. With two Kepler GK104 GPUs on a single PCB, and with a bit of overclocking, the GTX 690 could easily match two GTX 680s in SLI.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7″ 16GB Review

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Intro and Packaging
Every other week there seems to be a new tablet in the market, vying for attention. Better apps, brighter screens, lighter materials – there are so many tricks that can be pulled off that I simply don’t know where I would begin.

The latest contender to head my way is the sleek new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Clearly Samsung can’t make up their minds on what the ‘ideal’ tablet size should be, so they decided to flood the market with different sized tablets in the hope that consumers will be able to decide what they want. And don’t forget the hybrid phone and tablet that is the Galaxy Note.

But I don’t want to talk ill of the Galaxy Tab 7.7, for it actually is a decent tablet with a few saving graces. Will it be your next tablet of choice? Read on to find out more.

Build quality & Design
The first thing that struck me after unboxing the Tab 7.7 is just how sexy it is. The last time I handled a Galaxy Tab I was met with shiny black plastic for the body, but the Tab 7.7 sports a wonderful brushed-metal backing that makes it easy to hold and doesn’t register any unsightly smudges. The back is also where you’ll find the 3 megapixel rear camera and LED flash. Despite its sleek look, the Tab 7.7 generally feels well build and is light enough to slip into your backpack or handbag. For anyone who feels that an iPad is too big to carry around, then this is the tablet for you.

Moving around the device we have the headphone jack at the top, with the power/sleep button on the right along with the volume rocker. At the bottom are two inconspicuous speakers and a slot for connecting the charging cable. On the left hand side are two small covers than house slots for a full-sized SIM card and microSD cards. Unfortunately the Tab 7.7 doesn’t have a micro-USB port for connectivity or charging, and lacks any kind of video output such as a micro-HDMI, which really is a bit of a disappointment. Like the iPad, you will need to buy additional hardware to connect to the bottom to enable HDMI out. Just near the top of the device is the front-facing 2 megapixel camera and a tiny slot for the tablet’s earpiece if you’re not using a headset when making calls. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that – as with previous Tab models, the Tab 7.7 supports phone calls and text messaging with a valid SIM card inserted (more on call quality later).

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is powered by a dual-core 1.4GHz processor and comes with either 16 or 32GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM. The tablet weighs in at around 335g, and measures 196.7 x 133 x 7.9 mm. It also features a gorgeous 7.7 Super AMOLED Plus display at a resolution of 1280×800, which I drool over later. And as I previously mentioned, the Tab’s size and weight makes it extremely desirable for anyone who hasn’t snapped up a tablet yet. Unfortunately the Tab 7.7 runs Android Honeycomb 3.2, which is now becoming unacceptable given that Android 4.0 has been out for months now. While Honeycomb was once the preferred Android OS for tablets, Android 4.0 could certainly bring along some much needed flair that 3.2 seems to lack.

UI and Apps
The tablet’s interface is powered by Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface, which at times can be a bit of a mess. The surplus apps that are on the screen the first time you start it up are a bit of an information overload. They also tend to drag the interface a bit, so I highly recommend binning any unnecessary widgets like YouTube or Email and just keeping your screens clutter-free. Having said that, TouchWiz does have a few hand tricks to boast – there’s a clever screenshot button near the bottom left which you can tap at any time to take a screenshot. The image is then displayed for you to edit or draw upon, after which you can then save it or email it across. There is also a handy little bar at the bottom which you can tap to bring up a selection of useful apps, such as Calculator, Memo, Phone, Messaging, and a basic Task Manager which is great for closing unnecessary background apps.

Samsung has also included its own app store, called ‘Samsung App’ – the content available here depends on the region read from your SIM card, so if there is no SIM installed then the app will not launch. It’s a bit weird that Samsung would want its own app store when Google’s Play Store is already available, but who am I to question their rationale? There are also a variety of ‘Hubs’ that you can access – Game Hub will let you download games, Reader Hub gives you subscriptions to newspapers and books, while Social Hub lets you view your social media feeds and messages. There’s a few other apps such as a file browser and Polaris Office, and Pulse for linking up news feeds.

Samsung takes the crown from Nokia and Apple

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Gone is the 14 year supreme reign of Nokia in the mobile world, Samsung has the old king beat. With the announcement of their Q1 results, Samsung has shipped out 93.5 million phones in the previous three months, compared to 82.7 million from Nokia.

Of this shipment, 44.5 million were smartphones, which toppled Apple’s iPhone sales of 35.1 million. These two statistics combined makes Samsung the biggest phone and smartphone reseller in the world.

From these smartphone shipments, the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note are the top sellers; the mobile division in total growing 86% year on year. Meanwhile their TV business grew by an insane 550%, raking in $9.4 billion.

ExoHand thinks your fingers need an upgrade

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Stare at your hands right now for a few seconds. Because in the future you’re going to forget what they looked like, if German automation firm Festo has anything to say about it.

The firm recently introduced the ExoHand, a glove controller that offers precision control of a robotic hand. This allows a user to manipulate objects with much greater degree of movement than current technologies, as the robotic hand is based on actual muscles and bone structure of a human hand.

The video below shows a man picking up various objects with the ExoHand, and is able to pick up various sized objects with ease. What Festo aims to achieve with the ExoHand is to reduce strain from repetitive tasks, as well as potential applications like helping stroke victims regain some degree of movement in their hand.


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