Sony to now focus on its gaming, digital imaging and mobile businesses

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CEO Kazuo Hirai has highlighted Sony’s strategic plans to increase profits and crawl back out of the four-year consecutive losses the company dug itself into.

Hirai said Sony will now focus on three businesses as its primary – digital imaging, gaming and mobile. For gaming, the company plans to increase the catalog of downloadable game titles and subscription services through PSN platform for PS3 and Vita.

With the three businesses, Sony aims to generate 70% of its total sales and 85% of its operating income for the entire electronics business for financial year 2014.

“Sony is positioning digital imaging, game and mobile as the three main focus areas of its electronics business and plans to concentrate investment and technology development resources in these areas,” he said.

“By growing these three businesses, Sony aims to generate approximately 70% of total sales and 85% of operating income for the entire electronics business from these categories by FY14.”

“The Company also aims to increase sales by enriching its catalog of downloadable game titles and subscription services available through the PSN platform, and also by expanding the lineup of PlayStation Suite compatible devices and content,” it said.

“Sony will target game business sales of one trillion yen and operating income margin of 8% by FY14.”

Hirai also highlighted plans for the company’s once reigning television business, hoping to “turn around” branding and profits by expanding the lineup into emerging global markets; and launching new businesses.

Sony will layoff approx. 10,000 employees globally, as reported earlier, in order to “realign the business portfolio and optimize resources”. The layoffs includes staff that are expected to be part of the company’s external business and subsidiaries.

HP 2311gt 3D Monitor Review

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While 3D televisions are still unjustifiable-to-the-spouse expensive, the PC monitor end of the spectrum is increasingly heading to the polar opposite. The HP 2311gt is one such solution that is aimed at that market, providing 3D capability along with the usual PC monitor features at an affordable price. How it does during our test, is what we find out.


The HP 2311gt is aesthetically similar to the company’s existing 2311x monitor. Both share the same specs too, such as the 1080p resolution, LED backlighting, 5ms response time, and 250-nit brightness. The only main difference is the 3D support.

The 2311gt isn’t particularly sharp in appearance – it black and drab – although the tiny sky-blue power light and its roundish form do add a bit to uplift the look. A little. The OSD controls are snuck under the right bottom edge of the frame and are sufficiently accessible. The menus are a bit awkward at first due to the lack of markings of what they do and don’t – I once reset the settings to its factory default because I couldn’t understand how to select ‘no’ and go back. However, you get the hang of them quickly once you start using them regularly.

The monitor is light on ports – there is only one of VGA, DVI and HDMI, but considering the price point, it’s a fairly acceptable crime to commit. What I did really like about them, though, are their placement. They are slapped flat straight on the back of the monitor, instead of hiding them in a dig that requires you to tip the monitor on one hand, wear a miner’s helmet to read the markings and fiddle around to install the cable on a slot. It even has a little green light that indicates if the power is working! It’s the little touches, I tell you.

Twofour54 holding a course teaching iPhone development

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SAE Institute, that is locally a part twofour54 since late last year is going to be running an iPhone Application Development course from 28th of April to 16th of June this year. The course lasts 8 weeks and has classes every Saturday that last the duration of the entire day- from 10AM to 5PM.

The course focuses on the fundamentals of Objective-C Programming and iPhone/ iPod/ iPad application programming along with the business model of the Apple App Store. Participants will be introduced to the programming environment for application development and will have a hands-on approach to programming using the Objective-C language.

Coupled with the introduction of Apple’s app review process, they will also learn the submission process to Apple for appraisal. Participants will be able to produce functional applications at the end of the course.

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

L1 Demonstrate the understanding of the fundamentals of Objective C Programming
L2 Demonstrate the ability to code and fix Objective-C applications
L3 Demonstrate the ability to create a simple iPhone/ iPad application.
L4 Demonstrate the understanding of the iPhone/ iPad SDK
L5 Demonstrate the ability to prepare the application for submission
L6 Demonstrate the understanding of the Apple App Store review process

This course is targetted towards the novice user- someone wanting to learn programming and thus background in programming is not compulsory as sessions include fundamentals of Objective-C programming.

The course is priced at AED 8,000 and instructed by Amir Jahanlou who is a pretty cool fellow. Click here to register for it.

The new Apple iPad (2012) Full Review with Video

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QUOTE: “Where do I begin? On the launch day of Apple’s third-generation iPad launch, I ran down to my local retailer and picked up a couple of them. I then did a video unboxing of the device and a few little spiels of how it’s changed, etc. But now we have the juicy review, where you’ll find out just what I think of the new iPad.

But, I’ll stop myself there and explain something first. That’s the problem with reviews and technology sites. It’s all well and good to pump out a review, but it’s just that person’s opinion on the device. You can tear it apart, review it from every angle, but at the end of the day – the person, you, has to agree with the reviewer, or disagree, in order to like, again, or dislike, that review. It makes reviewing hard, especially on a device like the iPad, because I cannot first keep everyone happy and secondly, my opinion will differ from everyone else’s.”

For more information, please visit –

BBM-Connected apps getting more features and social media integration

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One of the biggest thing that can help a smartphone operating system is the availability of a wide range of apps and the accessibility of them. At this point, Blackberry knows that one of the only things that keeps users onto their phones is Blackberry Messenger. So it only makes sense that RIM has now announced tighter integration of apps with BBM, especially the Facebook and Twitter apps.

A series of updates of popular BlackBerry® apps will be released over the coming days to make it even easier for users to stay connected with their BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger) community. Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM)  today announced that Facebook® for BlackBerry smartphones, Twitter® for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry App World™ will now include BBM connectivity, making it even easier for users to stay in touch with their contacts, share experiences and content, and discover new things from their BBM community.

“Since we provided developers the means to build BBM connectivity into their apps, we have seen more than 800 hundred new BBM-connected apps come to market, which has been followed by a huge uptake by users – about one of every five apps being downloaded on BlackBerry App World is a BBM-connected app,” said Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at RIM.  “Today we’re excited to announce that RIM has also integrated BBM connectivity into a number of our own popular apps and the BBM-connected revolution continues to grow.”

Facebook and Twitter Apps Integrated with BBM

Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones (version 3.0) and Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones (version 3.0) now allow users to automatically share their Facebook status or latest Tweet with their BBM friends right from within the app.

App Sharing Made Simpler

With BBM (version 6.2) and BlackBerry App World (version 3.1.2), users can easily update their BBM profile to let their friends know about the great new app they’ve just downloaded on BlackBerry App World. With this updated version of BlackBerry App World, users can also instantly share info about their favorite app or a list of their installed apps with friends using BlackBerry® Tag*.

BBM Made Better

In addition to integration with BlackBerry App World, BBM (version 6.2) offers a polished, enhanced and more personal experience. It includes a new selection of animated avatars, a simpler way of updating one’s personal message in their profile, and now allows users to quickly send voice notes.


Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones version 3.0 is available now and Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones version 3.0, BlackBerry App World version 3.1.2 and BBM version 6.2 are scheduled to be available for download over the next ten days on BlackBerry App World (**.  Stay tuned to BlackBerry social channels to confirm when each app becomes available.

Intel DZ77GA-70K Motherboard

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Let’s take a look at this high-end socket 1155 motherboard from Intel based on the Z77 chipset, featuring eight USB 3.0 ports, a PLX switch chip, and supporting three video cards.

Here is a snippet:
“The Intel DZ77GA-70K is a high-end socket 1155 motherboard targeted to the forthcoming “Ivy Bridge” processors (third-generation Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors) and also supporting the current “Sandy Bridge” models (second-generation Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors). Let’s see what the Intel DZ77GA-70K will have to offer.”

Kingwin Lazer Platinum Series 1000W Power Supply Review

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Quote: “Kingwin has established themselves as a major player in the PC
power supply industry and their new Lazer Platinum Series LZP-1000
power supply lived up to our expectations. The LZP-1000 is the fifth
and most powerful unit in the Lazer Platinum Series. It demonstrated
excellent efficiency, very good voltage regulation, and clean DC
outputs. It is also a very quiet power supply, especially for a unit
capable of delivering 1,000 watts thanks to Kingwin’s ECO Intelligent
Thermal Control system and two-position Thermal Control switch.”

Bitfenix RAIDER Midi Tower Review

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Quite a long time ago i announced that i would also perform product reviews based on requests made by you, the readers and although many things have happened during the past months (mainly the launch of this new project) i haven’t forgotten about that and so a while ago i started looking into my emails for review requests. Well it seems that many of you are actually not bored (who knows, some may) by my extremely thorough PC Case reviews (at least pictures-wise) and have asked for a review of the latest midi tower manufactured by Bitfenix to hit the market called the RAIDER. Of course as some of you know if possible i always try to cover your requests and so the Bitfenix RAIDER Midi Tower is modeling for us today.

Article Link:

WordPress ruling the blogsphere

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WordPress is an amazing software that powers a plethora of Internet sites, such as TechCrunch, CNN, Mashable, and even tbreak. The publishing platform offers a very robust way to customize site elements, schedule content, as well as the ability to integrate hundreds of community plugins to add value to your site.

In a recent survey from Pingdom, around 48% of the top 100 blogs were powered by WordPress, either hosted on or on personal hosts. “The last few years we’ve really focused on both the usability and flexibility of WordPress, which has resulted in accelerating growth in both big and small sites. I expect even higher adoption among the largest sites and blogs over the next year.” said founding WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg.

Many users of other blogging platforms have found the move to WordPress to be quite easy, which attributes to the platfrom’s growing user base. It’s flexibility with design and templates also makes it very easy to change looks entirely just with a few mouse clicks.

(via Pingdom)

Infographic: How the Internet is ruining our brains!

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A very interesting infographic was recently released by Forensic Psychology, pointing out how the excessive daily usage of internet is negatively affecting our brains.

One of the most interesting things pointed out was how in the past people used to remember things they didn’t know about (after researching said information from various resources) but now that Google has answers for everything, we don’t try to remember. We just know where to search the info again. Multitasking also stresses us out, diminishing our creative problem-solving capacity. And despite our heavy usage of social networking, it seems that internet users are 2.5 times more likely to be depressed than people who interact with each other over phone or face to face.

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