The new iPad unofficially available in the UAE

By on March 19, 2012
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Prices aren’t too insane either.

The new iPad has landed in the UAE for potential buyers and surprisingly, the deals are much better for the end consumer compared to iPad 2.

You can pick one up from online sites like or where the units start from AED 2200 onwards. I personally picked my unit up from and it was delivered on the same day I ordered. The following are the prices from their website:

16GB- Wifi- AED 2349, Wi-Fi + 3G: AED 3,199
32GB- Wifi- AED 2749, Wi-Fi + 3G: AED 3,649
64GB- Wifi- AED 3149, Wi-Fi + 3G: AED 3,999

If you compare these prices to the prices in the US, you are paying a premium between AED 400 to AED 600 which is pretty decent considering that you were paying more than AED 1000 premium for iPad 2 when that was launched a year back. Comparing the prices to UK, we actually find a couple of models cheaper in the UAE.

All version are available in Black and White colors. The 4G version of the new iPad works under 3G/HSPA in the UAE. I personally tested my Etisalat micro-SIM card and it works without any issues- expect our full review soon.


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  • Jest

    Don’t get it….if someone other thatn Al Futtaim was to try and import a Toyota into the UAE, I am sure that person would feel the full force of the law against them and would be vilified as a smuggler – but when it comes to IT products Grey is getting glorified! Retailers sell both bonafide and Grey with full impudence whilst charging the customer a premium for a product which is without warranty, and which is being sold in contravention of at least 2 legal jurisdictions (the source country contracts for the distributor would definitely not have UAE as part of the legal territories they are allowed to be sold in – and secondly the exclusivity contract the vendor would have signed with legal distributor – the part of it being exclusive is an assumption but a normal practice in teh vast majority of cases)
    Am I missing something here – or are the law enforcement authorities looking the other way? Something I have always been perplexed about – hopefully someone can shed some light.

    • t-break tech

      Some good thoughts Jest but this happens everywhere in the world. For example, the Galaxy Note or the Nokia Lumia 800 came to the US quite late, yet you could pick one up pre-launch online in the US with ease. The only real way of stopping this is through a global launch of a product- and I doubt that’s possible for even companies like Apple due to resources related to manufacturing.

    • Manoj Damani

       Why is it illegal? As long as you pay customs, it is perfectly legal.

      Also, you can import cars into the country. The import fees are unknown to me but its certainly not illegal.

      The reason why people buy from outlets such as these are the fact that the release is delayed over here and the premium they charge is atrocious.

    • Anonymous

      Jest, Good thing that Al Futtaim was mentioned.
      Panasonic plasma TC-P65VT30:
      usd 2756.95 on Amazon + 220 tax (New York highest) = usd 2976.95
      (go ahead. look it up, you know you want to) = aed 11,275 @ 3% credit card rate
      Al Futtaim Price: AED 18000 (a profit of AED 6725 on ONE television alone)
      Mark Levinson 532H usd 4500 (aed 17,044) in the US. In Dubai: aed 29,999 in Dubai Audio
      By all means, be victim to the daylight robbery, but don’t advice others to be ignorant like you.

  • walnut

    I have seen axiom advertising for the ipad too. Prices seemed a little higher but they were giving some free stuff with it. plus warranty. Never heard of jadapado. 

  • Bob

    Do these imports have all the software? Facetime etc… or are they damaged like the official sales?

    • t-break tech

      The unit I purchased has Facetime

    • Cloffredo

      If you’re looking for an iPad, I live in the USA, and have a few unopened ones that I just bought from Apple-   all of them have facetime!

  • Manoj Damani

    Picked up 32 GB from jadopado. Very nice and flipboard is just gorgeous!

  • Curiousguest

    Are you guys investors in jado pado? why do you always only mention them? 

    • t-break tech

      Hah! No, we’re not investors but we sincerely believe they have the best online shop in town when it comes to providing service and super fast deliveries.

  • Curious

    Any update about the ipad 3 working on the 4G network in UAE??

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