Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones Review

By on March 26, 2012
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Not a good sport.

Good: Decent audio, flat cables make it easy to store and don't get tangled easily, washable.
Bad: In-ear clips don't fit properly (depends form person to person), will always need to fiddle around with clips, in-line remote control snags at collars.
Price: AED 700
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

The recently launched Monster iSport Immersion headphones are designed for those people who have an active lifestyle; working out in the gym, going for jogging, playing sports, etc. So basically not me. However, for the sake of this review I decided to give some of those things a try, to better test out Monster’s claims.

The Monster iSport Immersion come in a box that looks like some pharmaceutical product, like a heartbeat monitor or blood sugar level reader. Despite Monster’s best intensions, having some surfer dude on the cover with some woman on a treadmill doesn’t give the iSport an attractive look. Judging a book by its cover is never a good thing, but I guess in this case we can make an exception.


So the Monster iSport’s main highlight is the ‘SportClip’ mold that fits the in-ear headphones snugly in your ear. The idea is that the SportClip will fit with just enough force that while moving around, the earphones won’t pop out. They have provided 5 different ear sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) for both the SportClips and the in-ear pads.

You’d think that given this much variety I would find something that fit my ears, but sadly that was not the case. No matter which sized SportClip I tried, nothing fit no matter how much I fiddled around. The earphones just kept on slipping out as soon as I started moving about. Eventually I had to use the iSport without the SportClip; just using them like any other in-ear headphones.

There is a secondary level of customization with the Monster iSport, in that the ‘OmniTip’ nozzle swivels around for further directional control. An interesting idea that, especially given the target audience and how much they would want having a proper fit of the headphones.

The last important point about the Monster iSport is the ControlTalk in-line remote control, although this is a common feature in most earphones targeted towards iPhone users. Basically the in-line remote has volume controls as well as play/pause button. Holding the play/pause button will activate voice control on iPhone 4, or Siri on iPhone 4S.


Unfortunately, the in-line remote control, thick as it is, turned out to be very irritating when I wore shirts with collars. The height of the ControlTalk down the left earphone’s cable was designed to be just near your mouth; sadly this is also the place where the in-line remote would continuously graze against my collar so that every time I turned my head around the cable would snag.

There are two things that I really appreciated about the Monster iSport Immersion headphones. The first was the flat cable that allowed me to easily wrap the iSport around my iPhone 4. Turns out these cables don’t get tangled up like pretty much any headphones I have ever used. Well, not much anyways.

Audio Quality

The second thing I really liked about the Monster iSport was the audio quality itself. Having just plugged in the earphones without the SportClip I had decent sound isolation, I can only imagine that with the SportClip the effect would be better.

As far listening goes, I can say that pretty much every genre sounded good on the Monster iSport. From the highs to the lows, the sound was powerful and filling. Although I won’t go so far as to say that the audio was as crisp with a deep bass, as is the case with the Sennheiser Adidas CX 310 Originals.

It’s hard to recommend the Monster iSport Immersion headphones unless you get a chance to try them on. Without the SportClip, the iSport is just another pair of in-ear headphones of which there are many others, and better verities out in the market. If the earphones do fit you properly (move around a bit to make sure) and the slightly off placement of the in-line remote control is not an issue, then the Monster iSport headphones are a good buy.


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    I can’t get them to fit in my ears either

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