Google using waste water to cool datacenters

March 15, 2012 by  
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Google has always tried to look for greener and energy-efficient ways to cool its massive datacenters, be it through using outside cold air or even seawater.

But the search engine company announced recently that they were going to proceed with a plan to use recycled waste water to provide cooling. Essentially the water that goes into the cooling systems doesn’t have to be drinkable, so Google used this new idea for its datacenter in Georgia. The massive datacenter siphons off 30% of waste water from a nearby water treatment plant, and pumps any unused water into a nearby cleaning plant where the water is purified and pumped back into the local Chattahoochee river.

It’s an exciting idea that will help the company drastically reduce the footprint and cost of cooling datacenters, and while it’s not a model that can be adapted everywhere it’s a prime example of how large companies like Google are trying to better adapt more eco-friendly practices in a power-hungry world.


Anonymous releases own OS

March 15, 2012 by  
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Anonymous are known for their hacking skills, but now they’re really stepping up their plans for world domination. For reasons that no one really cares about, they’ve released their own OS on SourceForge based on Ubuntu 11.10. The OS has so far clocked over 4,500 downloads since going live.

Yes we’re all scratching our heads in confusion, but it’s unsure whether the OS is actually safe to use or not. More importantly, Anonymous have included a friendly warning on their Tumblr page:

Created for educational purposes,
to checking the security of web pages.
Please don’t use any tool to destroy any web page :)
If you attack to any web page,
might end up in jail because is a crime in most countries!
*** The user has total responsibility for any illegal act. ***
Thanks to all author tools!

So if you want ‘checking the security of web pages’ at your own risk, give their OS a spin.

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