Microsoft removing Start button from Windows 8

By on February 6, 2012
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17 years legacy comes to a close.

In the latest Consumer Preview (build 8220) test release leaked over the weekend, it turned out that the iconic ‘Start’ button was nowhere to be found. As The Verge reports, instead of having the button be there on the UI, users will have to hover their mouse on the lower left corner to access the Start screen.

This new move is brought about to bring together the visual appearance of Windows 8 across all devices, from smartphones to tablets to PC users. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Microsoft will bring back the Start button by popular demand. However, it seems unlikely at this point as the functionality is still very easily available and that  Microsoft have long calimed that they want to move beyond the Start button’s age-old design.

As it stands, we will provide more in-depth news on the functionality of the now elusive Start button.


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  • Anonymous

    i still dont find any reason to upgrade from wins 7

    • Anonymous

      how about 7,9 sec bootup time and same app can used on phone and xbox live? and above all new file system. Next version of NTFS.

      • Anonymous

        I dont have an xbox and dont plan to have a windows phone. the boot time sounds great but its not enough to justify the upgrade. NTFS next version looks promising though. will c how it will turn out. 
        u dont want to end up to be disappointed by an unreliable OS like the Vista, despite all its supposed improvements.

        • Anonymous

          You dont have those devices yet. May be you will if you find the perfect integration between them. Not to mention the integration of Kinect will make a huge difference in upgrade decision. Microsoft is trying to connect everything seemlessly so that we dont have a clutter in information.

          Btw i have none of that. I am an apple user but i personally think microsoft going in a right direction by making these changes. Oh btw one of the features you might be interested, if you need to have clean install of OS, you will not have to get a back of your drives. Its intelligent enough to put aside your data and after fresh install it will put it back. So no hassle there either

          • Anonymous

            Ironically, I just bought Apple 4S and it is my first Apple device ever. I did use the iMate with Windows on its, which was ok for a while until it reformats itself every now n then. 

            kinect is bit pricey right now but I believe it would have very promising applications in the near future. The intelligent formatting is definitely a smart move. We will c what MS has to offer in the coming yrs. thx for ur info sharing btw :)

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