BlackBerry App of the Week: Catapult

By on February 6, 2012
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Simply fling.

Good: Lots of variables to make the game last, Works in landscape and portrait mode
Bad: No real purpose to the game other than to throw a rock as far as possible and score points
Price: AED 3.7
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

I personally think simple games work very well on the Blackberry platform. Business people will be too busy to get involved in a long winded game with levels and a plot to follow, and the average person who buys a Blackberry that is not tied to a business is buying it for the internet and messaging package. This is why games like Catapult and a slew of games I have reviewed before are rated well and games that require you to follow a plot or a storyline haven’t been as successful. Android and iOS can be seen as gaming platforms, but RIM hasn’t built many handsets capable of playing games on a large screen.

Catapult is a very simple game to play, but will take a while to actually master if you ever do. The object of the game is simple, place the rock in the huge catapult and fling it as far as you can. The further it goes, the more points you get. Using the 9860 with a touch screen you just drag the rock onto the catapult, fling it backwards and you get a gauge of how fast the rock will go. You can adjust the height of the throw as well. At the top left corner you have a meter for boost, this can be used once your rock has been thrown by dragging the rock upwards. The boost increases the height of the rock, but finishes off quickly. The rock has two objects it can hit in the sky, the bulls-eye and a star. The bulls-eye increases your points and the star can be later used to buy upgrades.

The rock can land on 3 different things when it falls, the first being the ground itself, the second is a sand pit that stops the rock dead in its tracks and the third is a spring that flings the rock forward and helps you score more points. The upgrade system consists of 6 categories or variables that you can upgrade: bounce, luck, spring, rubber, boost and score. The more stars you hit, the more points you get to upgrade with. You can adjust the upgrades however you like, taking points away from one thing to bolster another. Once you’re done playing you can submit your score, view high scores or trade in your upgrade points for score points if you’ve maxed everything out.

Catapult is a simple game that can become somewhat complicated if you want it to. If you want higher scores you have to use the upgrades but the game is good fun on its own regardless. Obviously there is no reason to play other than to get the highest score. The controls or handling is very good, the game responded nicely to my finger and there wasn’t any lag in the gameplay either. This game may not offer much in the way of a story, but it does offer a lot of entertainment without a purpose. Good, solid, basic gaming.


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