My New Year’s resolution: really try Google+

By on January 6, 2012
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I’m a Google+ virgin but I will give it a good go in 2012.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve made my share of them over the years. You know, the usual ones like get fit, stop smoking, do unto others, etc. Well, I never really smoked so I couldn’t stop but most of the other common ones I’ve committed to at some point or another.

For 2012, I’ve really not stated any resolutions other than I’m going to do my darndest to get better as a writer – after all that’s how I make my living and what I enjoy doing – and really have a good go at Google+.

Although Google+ started way behind Facebook and Twitter, it is catching up rather fast. According to some estimates, there will be 400 million people on Google+ by the end of 2012.

Even if Google makes it to 400 million by the end of this year, that’s still dwarfed by Facebook, which right now already claims more than 800 million users. But that’s beside the point because I don’t need 800 million or even 400 million to communicate with on a social network; I just need a few hundred or a few thousand at the most, of the right people to join me.

In terms of social media, I’m more of a Twitter person than anything. With a bit over 3,000 followers I’ve been blessed beyond what I deserve and I enjoy Twitter on a daily basis.

For me, Facebook came in second place after Twitter, and still does to some extent. I’m still more comfortable with Twitter, but Facebook has found a special niche in my social networking activities, and it compliments Twitter nicely. For me, I keep my profile on Facebook more private than I do Twitter and I think that’s why it works.

When it comes to Google+, I’ve had an account from very early on but even after a few attempts at trying to figure out what it could do for me, I’m still very much a Google+ virgin.

In the last few days, I have, partly for work-reasons, had to get active on Google+ again and although it still confuses me with Circles, Hangouts, and whatnot, it is also starting to intrigue me.

I think what appeals to me is that Google+ feels like more of a complete social networking environment than both Facebook and Twitter. Now I can see myself doing much of what I do with the other social networks in Google+, and possibly something more too.

But I clearly have a lot left to learn as I +1, share, hang out, and more. I’m not quite sure what Google could have done to make Google+ more immediate and user friendly but right now lots of things about Google+ baffles me.

I remember when I started using Twitter I took to it right away. And I didn’t have many issues with Facebook either. Now I think the comparisons are somewhat unfair as when I started using Twitter it was a very basic tool and not at all as extensive as Google+ is today.

So come on, link up with me on Google+ and let’s have some fun. And Happy New Year!


I write and talk too much about tech. You can find my personal blog at, my radio shows at, and me on Twitter as mnystedt.

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