BlackBerry App of the Week: Fruits and Ninja

By on January 9, 2012
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Fruit salad anyone?

Good: Fun to play, easy to learn, lots of achievements, value for money
Bad: Gets repetitive, ads in the free version
Price: AED 3.75 (Free version also available)
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

You ever wished you had one of those cool ninja swords to chop your fruits with? Well you’re in luck, there’s an app for that! Fruits and Ninja is a simple but addictive game that involves chopping up fruits for no reason whatsoever. All you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen when a fruit or fruits appear and they’re sliced. There are no complicated controls or directional buttons, it’s an easy to grasp slice and dice game and it has reached the top of the heap in App World.

In the free version all you get is the Classic mode where they mix fruits and bombs on screen to make it more of a challenge. You have to slice the fruit and avoid the bombs, miss three fruit and its game over, slice a bomb and its game over too. The free version has advertisements but otherwise you get the classic mode and a high score section where you can gain bonus ninja swords and score achievements. You can also view the local and online scores and follow how much others have scored in the game.

In the paid version you not only get the game without advertisements but Classic, Arcade and Zen modes to play. The Classic mode is no different to the one in the free version above. In Arcade mode you have to score as high as possible and you are given 60 seconds to do so. Slice as many fruit as possible while avoiding the bombs. In this mode you do not lose if you miss three fruit and it’s not game over if you slice a bomb. Slicing a bomb in Arcade mode knocks 10 points off your score. You also get bonus points for combo slices, cutting several fruit with a single swing of the blade. In Zen mode you get 90 seconds to cut as many fruit as you can, scoring points for slicing fruit in singles and in combo but there are no bombs to worry about.

While the game is repetitive it can be quite addictive and the bonus high score achievements do give you a challenge and extend the game’s life. The graphics are smooth and so is the gameplay. For a $0.75 game it does offer more bang for your buck as you get three modes to play while the free version is still great value for nothing, offering you the Classic mode which is quite challenging in itself. After the less than stellar game I reviewed last week, it’s good to see the Blackberry platform get some decent apps to tinker with and Fruits and Ninja may not be much, but it’s a game you can pick up at any time and enjoy. Grab it free or pay a little and get more, it’s worth it.

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