300 Foxconn workers threaten suicide over pay

By on January 11, 2012
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Workers told to quit job or pay without raise.


As the new year began, it brought along with it hopes of something better. Such was not the case for 300 employees of the infamous Foxconn manufacturing plant in China.

Want China Times reports that on 2nd January, 300 employees  at the Foxconn Technology Park in Wuhan threatened to commit suicide from the top of the building because they were not made the payments they were due. Work conditions at Foxconn are infamous and known to be poor, such as 36 hour shifts with no overtime payments, or workers with severed limbs (due to job hazard) being fired. With no unions, and a freely running supply of cheap labor, conditions have been steadily worsening, or perhaps just brought to media attention more often than before.

Source: Reuters

Under such conditions, many employees demanded a pay rise, to which the management responded by saying that either these workers quite their jobs with compensations, or continue working without pay rise. Many chose the first option and left their positions, but Foxconn never made any payments towards them. This is what led to the movement on 2nd Jan, causing a factory wide shutdown of the manufacturing plant.

Eventually the mayor of Wuhan talked the ex-Foxconn employees out of the situation which came to a close on 3rd Jan.

Apart from Apple, Foxconn also manufacturers parts for major companies like Amazon, HP, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, MSI, ASUS, etc.


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  • Jimbob577

    I think it is time to show Foxconn that the world is moving forward and that employees are not animals and must not be treated as one.A continous boycott would be in place,but what of the others still at work .I’m sure they will also benefit from such a movement ,what it comes down to it be it China ,or any other country people need their rights to be treated fairly in the workplace and life in general.The large companies of the world have always taken advantage of cheap labor and poor working conditions.

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