Youngsters go online just because they can, study says

By on December 3, 2011
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Also, the sky is blue.

In the days of dial-up, one would have a genuine reason to connect to the internet whether it is to check an important e-mail or send one among other things. Broadband has changed all that of course, and the following study just confirms that we do not need any reason to go online nowadays.

Though it’s already pretty common knowledge to everyone by now, a new study from PewInternet confirms that youngsters go online nowadays just for fun and without any particular reason at all.

Out of 2,260 adults, 81 percent between 18-29 of age revealed their reasoning to go online is usually just for fun. The more interesting aspect of the survey is that as the respondents got older in age, the less inclined they were to going online just for fun.  66 percent of people aged 30-49 went online for fun, and the number decreased to 50 percent for between 50-64 and dived down to 23  percent for people above 65.

The survey concludes that the mass availability of broadband and the use of internet video means that people find more use of the internet than just work of e-mail:

“All of those factors are strongly associated with people who use the internet for fun: If they have broadband, if they are online video consumers, if they use social media of any kind – especially social networking sites – they are much more likely than others to go online to pass the time.”


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