Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro Review

By on December 5, 2011
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Good, but not great.

Good: Good camera, Decent audio quality, Good Timescape UI
Bad: Chunky compared to other smartphones, Terrible viewing angles, microSD not hot swappable
Price: AED 1,799
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

The phone has a 3.7 inch capacitive LCD screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 and 265ppi pixel density which is pretty good specs wise and the screen itself is bright and colorful but I couldn’t help feel underwhelmed after seeing the arc S. Although the specs say it’s a 3.7 inch screen, it looked smaller until you compare it to other 3.7 inch screens. Sadly while the screen itself was as nice to look at like the arc S screen was, it suffered from the same issues when it came to viewing angles. The moment you view the phone at an angle, the colors start to look washed out and this is a real shame because on paper this seemed like a great screen but Sony Ericsson disappoint us again here. Sunlight legibility was adequate when you ramp up the brightness to its highest level but you will probably have to squint to see the screen under direct sunlight.

The camera is probably one of the best features on this phone and definitely something that stands out specs-wise just as the keyboard stands out physically. The quality of the pictures appears to be on par with the arc S’s own 8 megapixel camera and the pictures always look great on the phone itself. When you transfer them to the PC is where you see where you may have made a mistake. For example the pictures I took always looked perfect on the phone but when on the PC I would notice that there’s a slight blur here or there or something was slightly out of focus. Videos can be recorded at 720p and I found the Xperia Pro didn’t fare too well in low light recordings especially when there’s too much movement around. It seemed to cope well in conditions where lighting was adequate and neither you nor the subject of the footage was moving around a lot. The sound recorded however was very good, you can easily record a concert using this phone and come out extremely satisfied with the results. I recorded some videos at the Dubai Rugby Sevens and while the footage at night was disappointing, the sound was great no doubt thanks to the noise cancelation from the second microphone. The one major issue I had was the camera button. You have to press and hold it until you feel a small vibration to start the camera. It took 4-5 seconds for the camera to start but it only took half that time if you just click on the camera app. Then it was easy and quick to take pictures, however, if you take a burst of pictures at once it will take a few seconds for the phone to process them.

Just like the arc S, the Xperia Pro has a speaker in a very awkward area. Positioned at the lower back of the phone, it can easily get muffled when playing a game or watching a video. The sound quality coming out of the speaker was decent, especially with XLoud enabled which does exactly as its name suggests, it makes things sound louder. Sound quality through the earphones was excellent, songs were rich and deep and not very tinny at all which suggests that this is a very decent pair of earphones bundled with this phone. When the volume was raised, the sound quality from the earphones didn’t get distorted and the music was clear. The equalizer options work well too. I did find a few instances where the music seemed to skip for a second and sometimes the song I was listening to would restart. Call quality was excellent as expected from a quality phone, the caller’s voice was always clear and the same was said about mine. Reception was excellent as well, calls were never dropped nor did I feel the need to move to a better area in order to get better reception or hear the caller’s voice.

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  • Threepwood

    Was that a review for the Xperia Pro, or the Arc S? :)

  • tactictaylor

    Wrong phone……silly review. Try learning about phones before you write anything further!

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