It’s official: iPhone 4S releasing in UAE on 16th December

By on December 10, 2011
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Etisalat, Du and the Apple store make their announcements.

Everyone has been anticipating the UAE release of the iPhone 4S through official channels while the grey market ones have been relishing in the inflated prices they can demand during that period. That should go on no more, as Etisalat has now announced that they will release the hot new Apple phone on 16th of December.

Etisalat announced this on Twitter through their official page:

Dear customers: you’ve been requesting the iPhone 4S, Etisalat is happy to announce we’re launching it on December 16th. Details to follow.

But those who wish to buy it through Apple’s newly opened store in UAE itself can also do so on the same exact date looking at this message from the store today:

And predictably, here’s Du’s announcement to round it off:

It’s taken a while but the release is much faster than some of the previous versions of the iPhone which took criminally long to release here.

Are you looking forward to buying the iPhone 4S officially or have you already got yours?


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  • Abbas Jaffar Ali

    Definitely picking one up

    • Moe

      I shall be waiting for the iPhone5 and what new things it brings to the table. 4S is still nice despite its 1+ year old design but not enough to get me excited.

    • Moe

      One question though, do you reckon the 4S sold in the official Apple store will also have Facetime disabled as predictably the Etisalat and Du will?

      • Abbas Jaffar Ali

        I would guess that Facetime will be disabled.

      • Kh3khalid

        Yes it will be disabled even if you buy it from Apple Store. If you check the UAE Apple Store (where you’ll have to buy the iPhone from), you’ll notice a note saying that FaceTime is not available in the UAE.

  • Magnus Nystedt

    It’s a great phone, I’ve only had it for a few weeks but love it.

    “It’s taken a while but the release is much faster than some of the previous versions of the iPhone which took criminally long to release here.”

    The first iPhone was never officially released in UAE, and the 3G took forever, but 3GS and 4 were pretty quick, a few months, if I recall.

  • Magnus Nystedt

    So the iPhone 4S that is advertised on the site (Axiom ad) is that gray market (and thus with UAE warranty) then? Or is it the official stock? It doesn’t say but mentions “new launch” whatever that means.

    • Abbas Jaffar Ali

      I think that would be a grey import as they are already selling it. Axiom add their own warranty to it.

  • Tarana

    Prices quoted by etisalat are great, quite a deal as compared to grey market n other retailers. Glad i decided to wait. Definetely buying my first ever iphone…..yippppppeeeeeee !!!

  • Superson

    The UAE is always pursuing to exhilarate the residents with the best surprise. This could be the seasons gift, to the Apple Iphone lover.

    Abdul Malik

  • Anonymous

    Already have the iPhone 4S 64GB. Didn’t wait for a UAE release because I knew FT would be disabled on them. If I am going to spend enough on a smartphone, I need all features.

    Beware that there is no “Enable 3G” switch on the iPhone 4S and this means you will have a low reception or 1 bar almost everytime. This also results in faster battery draining. You may also start receiving “No service” quite often. This is entirely because Etisalat’s 3G coverage just plain sucks.

    • Abbas Jaffar Ali

      Care to explain your location? For me, 3G works really well on Etisalat at home and office.

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