Rumor: iPhone 5 and iPad 3 planned for next year

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Japanese news publication Nikkei Business is reporting that Apple is currently planning to release iPhone 5 and iPad 3 staring from Summer next year.

According to the report, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with NTT DoCoMo to work out on the details and launch arrangements. The iPad 3 will reportedly release in Summer, while the iPhone 5 will release in Fall.

The report also states that both of the devices will feature 4G connectivity.

There is no word on exact release dates, however, or the pricing on the devices (although, traditionally it may be the same as the current iPhone and iPad prices). NTT DoCoMo has yet to comment.

Intel really likes Windows 8

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At the Credit Suisse Technology Conference, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini went into overdrive about Windows 8, lavishing praise on Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. In fact, Otellini likes Win8 so much that he said it was “one of the best things that’s ever happened to our company”.

One of the particular things that Intel is curious, and banking on, is Win8′s dual interface capabilities – one, a legacy Win7 style desktop, and another, the new Metro desktop UI that is being developed specifically with tablets and touchscreens in mind.

“We are very excited about Windows 8. I think it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to our Company. And it’s a very good operating system, not just for PCs, but we think also will allow tablets to really get a legitimacy into mainstream computing, particularly in enterprises that they don’t have today. A lot of the enterprise managers are worried about security, they’re worried about the difficulty affording their legacy applications over to an Android tablet or to an iPad,” he said.

“So you’re just running one manifestation of the operating system with two different GUIs, if you will, it’s not running on virtual machines, it’s one manifestation. So this gives us, x86, in particular, I think a unique advantage as Windows 8 comes to market, because we can take advantage of all the legacy that was ever written, and all of the fact that all the drivers for the mice and for printers and every other USB device in the world. For example, getting photos off your camera and onto a tablet.”

Otellini also promoted Intel’s new Ultrabook, saying it was a concept for making laptops sleeker, faster, secure and non-price heavy.

Intel X79 Sandy Bridge-E Motherboards Roundup

Two weeks back the new Sandy Bridge-E processors launched with much fanfare. Some were disappointed with the results, while others still walked away impressed. So those people who’d want to upgrade their old Extreme Edition CPUs to the latest socket LGA 2011, this roundup can be considered as a starting point on the types of motherboards out there to choose from.

We have four products today, from different manufacturers, all ranging from mid-range to high-end. However, even at mid-range, the starting prices of $300 (AED 1,200) for these motherboards could be considered pretty high by many. Then again, the LGA 2011 setup is an expensive setup regardless, what with an Extreme Edition CPU and Quad-channel RAM.

So for today’s roundup I’ll be looking at two mid-range and two high-end motherboards. The distinguishing factor between these motherboards is mostly their price and “extra” features on them. It’s the extra fluff that adds to the price and makes a simple motherboard high-end; for instance included WiFi or Bluetooth, additional PCIe lanes for 3 or 4-way SLI or CrossFireX setup, bigger heatsinks, etc.

The testing itself was done on stock settings for each motherboard to give apples to apples comparison of raw performance. No motherboard had a feature that would boost performance in any meaningful way. Like I said before, the high-end boards are expensive just because of extra features that may have an impact on your overall experience; I’ll get to those in detail later on.

Run Windows Phone 7 on your iOS or Android

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While Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 phones have been enjoying surprisingly solid sales, the company still knows that they are many who hesitate to make the switch to a new operating system especially the ones used to OS’s like iOS and Android the most. Well, they’ve just found the solution – give them Windows Phone 7 on their devices.

All you need to do is visit from your Android or iOS enabled phone and you will be taken straight to an emulation of Windows Phone 7. It’s actually pretty cool and very accurate in giving users a general feel of the operating system and how the interface works. The new UI may be a little bit of a risk for Microsoft but looks like audiences can adopt something like this if it’s really useful and not gimmicky. So far, the UI looks good enough to turn potential users towards them.

Check it out and let us know what you think. And one of you should try and visit the link from a Windows Phone 7 itself for a potential implosion of the universe.

Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Gen 2

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The second generation Seagate Momentus XT marries a large amount of drive capacity with the lightning-fast performance of 8GB NAND flash

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Core Limited Edition Graphics Card Review

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Quote: “In my testing, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 448 cores is
about as close as you can get to being as fast as the GTX 570 without
embarrassing it. In a couple of our lower resolution tests, the new
card was in fact just barely faster, but usually within a margin of
error we were comfortable with. Most of the time, especially in games
that we know are super GPU dependent like Battlefield 3, the 448-core
variant was reliably about 3-5% slower than the 480-core part.”

Cooler Master Silencio 550 PC Case Review

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A loudless PC or at least a very silent PC is for sure a dream for many users.
For this reason Cooler Master developed the Silencio 550 Mid-Tower PC enclosure with sound absorption, which has a polished front panel surface and offers an integrated SD-Card reader additionally to a lot of more useful features.
In the current review we test the sound proofed Cooler Master Silencio 550 more detailed.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 TI 448 Core Video Card Review

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“The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti with 448 Cores has proven to be a very interesting graphics card from both a price and performance perspective. This card performs nearly the same as a GeForce GTX 570, but costs significantly less. In some of the games we tested the overclocked MSI N560GTX-448 Power Edition actually performed better than the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 reference design card, which was impressive…”

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BitFenix Merc Alpha PC Case Review

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For people on a very tight budget the Merc Alpha midi tower PC Case by BitFenix may not just be the ideal gift to make to themselves in light of the upcoming holiday season but also the ideal gift for people really close to them.

Article Link :

Intel RTS2011LC CPU Water Cooler Review

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“We first learned that Intel would be releasing a stand-alone water cooling kit for Intel Sandy Bridge-E LGA2011 processors at IDF 2011. It was also at this show that we learned that Asetek had won the design contract and would be producing the sealed and easy to use water cooling kits for Intel. This means that both Intel and AMD have released water cooling solutions for their high-end desktop CPUs this year and both companies are using solutions from Asetek, which is huge for them. The Intel Core i7-3960X and Core i7-3930K are both costly processors as they retail for $1049.99 and $599.99, respectively. Neither of these processors come with a retail boxed air cooled HSF assembly. This means that many enthusiasts will be looking for a CPU cooler and water cooling is easier and more affordable than ever…”

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