Final Look – LG Optimus 3D viewing & sharing experience

By on October 16, 2011
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Glasses free 3D takes the next step forward.


Over the past few weeks, I have provided an in-depth look at the LG Optimus 3D’s look and feel, 3D performance and the tri-dual technology. In today’s final look at the Optimus 3D, I’ll be discussing about the glasses free 3D recording, viewing and sharing experience.

So first off, we all know that for recording 3D images and video footage, LG uses the two 5MP cameras on the back of the Optimus 3D. One of the best things about the Optimus 3D, that’s still missing from any other 3D smartphone on the market is real-time misalignment correction.

Basically what this tech does is that every time you start up the camera, the Optimus 3D will realign its two 5MP camera sensors so that when you’re recording videos or taking pictures in 3D, one of the two frames doesn’t get blurred or misaligned (where one frame appears to be on top of the other). As we continue to use our smartphones over time, we keep on dropping it, or just the general daily usage will result in the two cameras ending up misaligned. This results in messy looking 3D footage and pictures, where the depth of field is ‘off’.

While all other manufacturers align their two cameras on the factory floors, the Optimus 3D realigns its cameras every time you want to record 3D images and videos.  Think of it like the automatic dust removal technology on modern DSLRs. It’s a very minute shift of the lens, but that makes all the difference.

Now we know that LG has placed special emphasis on the LCD screens to ensure that the 3D viewing experience is as best as it can get for glasses free viewing. We have seen something similar with the Nintendo 3DS, but the quality of the Optimus 3D is above and beyond what the 3DS is capable of. Special emphasis has been placed on the screen to reduce cross-talk, which is the ghosting effect you’ll see on a 3D image with one eye closed, which leads to headaches and dizziness. So what they have done is create wider barriers between the LCD layers resulting in lower cross-talk. The result is a safer experience for the human eye, but at the cost of slightly lower brightness.

As far as sharing 3D content is concerned, any videos you record in 3D can be uploaded directly on to YouTube’s 3D channel. While there is a normal YouTube channel which can be used to watch and upload regular 2D videos, the dedicated 3D YouTube channel that LG has worked to bring to the Optimus 3D is a very seamless process to share 3D content.   As far as 3D images are concerned, you can easily share them through 11 different services, ranging from emails and MMS to Bluetooth transfers to various social networking sites.

That said, the best way to share 3D content on your Optimus 3D is actually to show your friends and family the content on the handset itself. It doesn’t matter who I have shown the LG Optimus 3D to, literally everyone has been impressed with the 3D playback on the Optimus 3D, especially the 2D to 3D conversion.

In conclusion I would just like to say that right now, the LG Optimus 3D is the best way to create, share and view 3D content on a smartphone, or any other multimedia device for that matter. The various ways you can share 3D content, and even watch it through DLNA or HDMI on 3D TVs is amazing. But most impressive of all is how well the Optimus 3D handles 3D content, whether it is games, movies or pictures, on its gorgeous 4.3” screen.




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    Good stuff! I hope to be able to buy it soon…

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