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By on September 29, 2011
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A true gamer never gives up.


Blizzard is currently running a closed beta for Diablo III and I am one of the fortunate ones to be invited to it. It’s been ten years since I’ve set foot in Tristam and for me, it is definitely THE most anticipated game in the upcoming future. In fact, both of its predecessors will be in my “10 games to play before you die” list- if I ever create one. Now that you know how much I want to play the game, let me tell you the trouble I’m going through to get it up and running.

I got the invitation email last Wednesday when I was in the Abu Dhabi office and immediately progressed to download it. It downloaded and installed just fine on my office iMac that is about three years old but since I was a bit busy with work, I figured that I’ll play it at home over the weekend. Now let me tell you what I did this weekend.

I have a Mac Pro at home that is reasonably equipped as far as Macs are concerned- certainly a lot more powerful than the iMac at the office. I started off doing exactly what I did from my office iMac- download the installation file. Once you install the small file, the launcher kicks in and downloads the rest of the 2GB data. Now that 2GB data is divided into three parts with the first one measuring close to 700MB. I have a 16MB connection at home and I was expecting the download to fly- which it did, until there was about 20MB left from the first segment.

After that, the download stalled- it just wouldn’t download those last few MBs no matter how many times I exited and restarted the download. I went ahead and removed the entire installation and tried again. Same thing- the first few 100MBs downloaded without an issue but the last bit just didn’t want to. Frustrated, I thought that maybe it was my Mac or OS X installation as it was upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion last month. Thoughts of my PC-era days kicked in and I thought that maybe I should format my Mac and install Lion from scratch. After spending a few hours of backing data up, I proceeded with that.

With a clean system, I once again attempted to install Diablo 3. Exact same problem. Except now I also had the monumental task of restoring all the data back- especially the 40GB worth of photos in my wife’s iPhoto collection. You can imagine what the next few hours were spent doing. With utter failure, I decided it was time to bring the PC that I had happily built for gaming a couple of months back. You can read about the specs of this monster here.

With the PC all hooked up and ready to roll, I proceeded to download the client. Imagine my surprise when I ran into the exact same issue. This was certainly mind boggling and made it clear that my Mac’s hardware or software had nothing to do with it. So I started staring at my ASUS xxx router that, I thought, was serving me well. But at this time, all it looked like was a product to smash with my fists. Maintaining my sanity, I removed the ASUS router, replacing it with an older Linksys I had lying around.

I’m sure that you have figured out what happens next but let me say it out loud regardless- IT DID NOT WORK. The Lord of terror will certainly be laughing on me. He’s not an easy catch, but I’ve defeated him before. Twice actually.


Abbas Jaffar Ali is the founder of and a blogger, geek and self-declared tech pundit who can't stop talking about technology. Find him on twitter as @ajaffarali

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