Samsung T27A950 LED Monitor Review

By on September 17, 2011
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If looks could sell….

Good: Stunning looks; decent number of ports
Bad: poor color production; bad viewing angles; avg. 3D performance; no DVI or VGA; very expensive
Price: AED 3499
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

Screen & Color reproduction
The T27A950 uses Samsung’s Ultra Clear Panel, a coating added to the screen to reduce glare and reflections. Unfortunately, that hasn’t done much to help. The screen is highly glossy and reflects light and shadows quite heavily. While using Windows is quite alright, watching movies or playing games on it is an exercise for the neck.

In terms of performance, the display produced accurate colors although they appeared to be excessively washed out. This could be chalked down to the high level of bleeding throughout the canvas. Bleeding on the bottom edges is always visible, and not just in dark scenarios.

In our FlatPanelsDK tests, we also noticed poor color gradient production, with banding visible in almost all colors. On some colors, the banding was unusually terrible; making us reach out for the HDMI cable to see of it was plugged in properly.

Absolutely perfect. No purple tinge, no mysterious shadowing, and no blurriness. The text remained sharp and clean, right down to the tiniest of font size and on multiple color backgrounds.

The 3ms response time of the screen does a good job of keeping any sorts of ghosting at bay. We exercised the screen in our test, and through multiple movies and games, on grey and dark backgrounds, and the screen managed to pull through without much to complain about.

Viewing Angle
You have to be dead center to have the perfect mix of contrast and brightness. And that includes matching the height level as well. Anything below, or on the sides and you will instantly notice the drop in color accuracy. In fact, you will also notice a drastic shift in brightness as well – with the screen darkening gradually. That’s just unacceptable. Samsung’s ‘Magic Angles’ that compensates color and brightness for standing and leaning positions does nothing as well.

The T27A950 includes one of Samsung’s proprietary, active-shutter 3D glasses. Unlike Sony’s, they are light and flexible, hence stays easy on the nose and almost blends with your spectacles if you wear one. Only problem with it is that it doesn’t cup the eyes too well, leaving lots of open spaces on the top for light to get through. It doesn’t disrupt the 3D image, but it does prove to be distracting.

As for the 3D image, the quality is strictly average. The colors are washed, just like in the normal mode, but the brightness holds up. The image is slightly too sharp but that’s nothing a little tinkering in the setting can’t change.

The display does well to produce depth but it’s marred with crosstalk and extreme flickering. I am usually immune to the effects of 3D, but I got a massive headache within 5mins of using the screen in 3D. The flickering is just too much for my eyes to handle, plus the crosstalk in random places just makes fast moving scenes unwatchable. We tried Rio (side by side), plus a wide array of 3D demos and YouTube 3D videos and they all resulted in the same performance.

If looks could sell, we would be all AED 3,499 lighter. But the Samsung T27A950 TV-monitor hybrid disappoints in almost all fronts – be it color production, viewing angles, ergonomics and even 3D. At its price point, one would rather buy a 32” 1080p TV – they are dirt cheap nowadays, anyway.

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Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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