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By on September 19, 2011
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Apple finally opens online store in the UAE.


And there we are, ladies and gentlemen – Apple has finally stepped up to the game and has launched its online store in the UAE. The online store will enable users to buy hardware and gadgets right from Apple, and at normal, non-absurd prices.

The store features prices in AED, which is a plus. The iPad 2 is currently selling from AED 2099, while the  iPhone 4 16GB is going for AED 2299 and the 32GB for AED 2699.

Unfortunately, the only mode of payment is through credit card, which might be an inconvenience for buyers used to the ‘cash on delivery’ system. Apple offers free delivery for purchases over AED 520.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

  • Sameer

    One good thing is that there’s student discounts! Sadly, the app store remains the same old limited one.

  • El-Zaman

    I thought this would reduce the insane prices of apple products in UAE, but visiting their AE online store its more expensive than what we already have.
    For example I bought iPod 4 like 7 months ago for 820 AED, and now apple store is selling it for 999 AED.
    I have a hackintosh with specs like the 8-core mac pro (15,499 AED) and it costed me around 6000 AED, also I bought an Asus laptop with specs that surpasses the most expensive Macbook pro (10,799 AED) for 4,500 AED and it runs osx lion perfectly!

    I really like apple products, and I would love to get a mac pro, but buying something that I already have for more than double the price isn’t a good deal, not after 2009!

    I love you apple, but sorry :-(

    • Assil Ksiksi

      Whichever way you look it at it, this is good news. Firstly, this means that Apple has “officially” (at least a bit) recognized the UAE as a place thriving with Apple buyers.Secondly, this Online Store could be the first step towards a) opening an official Apple Store (or two) in the UAE, and b) allowing users from the UAE to purchase from the iTunes Store. Finally, and most importantly, Apple is confirming that it is interested not only in the UAE but in the region as a whole.

      Apple’s prices are definitely cheaper when compared to that of iStyle and Virgin Megastore. For instance, the 27″ iMac base model sells for 7,999 AED at iStyle while at the Apple Online Store it costs 7,499 AED (before education discount).

      When comparing PCs with Macs, you should at least put these three things in mind:

      1. The build quality of Apple products is impeccable. The same goes for their lifetime.
      2. Macs run both OS X and Windows perfectly. Most PC builds either run OS X poorly (hardware not detected etc.), or don’t run it at all.
      3. Macs are easy to use, and more importantly, easy to choose from. 2 laptop lines and one desktop line. It couldn’t have been easier.

      These reasons are mainly what drove me to purchase a MBP rather than a Windows laptop. Nonetheless, competitors do exist, but the only real MBP competitor I found hasn’t been released yet – the Lenovo U400.

      My opinion is if you’re not looking for a gaming-beast laptop or PC, a Macbook Air/Macbook Pro*/iMac is definitely the way to go.

      * I’ll have to agree that the 15″ and 17″ models are way too expensive for the average consumer, but the 13″ model is reasonably priced, since no other real alternatives exist.

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