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By on August 28, 2011
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Benchmark public DNS servers, to find best one for you and increase your browsing speed.

Before I go explaining this software, I think it is better to first explain a little about DNS servers to those people who don’t know what they do. Whenever you type a url e.g. or, your ISP sends that request to a DNS server they have, to resolve the “Domain Name” back to IP address of website server and then your actual website starts loading. This is a slight overhead of time waste in loading websites. All ISP have configured their DNS servers that are by default used by your internet connection; but that doesn’t mean they are always the fastest choice for you.

NameBench is a software that benchmarks your current and other public DNS servers to check which DNS server works fastest for your region / connection. It will send multiple website requests to each DNS server in its directory and then check how much time it takes them to resolve and send back data to you. And then based on the benchmarks it will suggest to you the best DNS server setting for you.

The software itself is easy to use with nothing much to configure. You just install and run it and in the end it will give recommended DNS to use as well as graphs and benchmark results of all DNS servers it checked to base its suggestion on.

Many websites use data sources from multiple sites on their page, like other websites APIs, third party comments system, widgets, image hosts etc. and all these content are hosted on non singular domain name. The faster your DNS the more quickly they will all be resolved having a significant impact on the loading time of websites in your browser. This little handy tool is available for windows and mac.

Download @ Google code


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