Geforce GTX460 SLI configuration

By on August 24, 2011
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We test how Dual GPU configuration work out for Nvidia’s famous GTX460 cards.

Good: Two GTX460 give better performance than high end GTX480 and are quieter too. Price to performance ratio is better for dual cards than single higher end cards.
Bad: You would need to invest in an SLI motherboard. Moreover purchasing 2 GPUs is still costlier than a single card.
Price: AED 845 / SAR 860 / PKR 20,000 (for single card)
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

The Benchmarks:

The Benchmarks that I selected to run on these babies were:

  • 3D Mark 11
  • 3D Mark Vantage
  • Crysis 2

Now as we know that nowadays it’s about all the game of FPS. Everyone spending money on their hardware wants to know how much FPS they would get. We surely would be checking that out. However below are the ranges defined for FPS:

Frames per second


  • <30 FPS-very limited gameplay
  • 30-40 FPS-average yet very playable
  • 40-60 FPS-good gameplay
  • >60 FPS-best possible gameplay

3D Mark 11:

2 Runs were taken for the 3D Mark 11 benchmark. First attempt was run at:

  • CPU @ 3.3Ghz, GPU at 790Mhz

After the first run was completed the scores generated were pretty impressive. The Performance score for this run accumulated to 6730.

The Graphics score accumulated to an impressive 7082. Now if we compare the overall score to a similarly build PC having a GTX 480 running @ 800/1600/1900. The total score for the 480 was 5468. You can clearly see the difference here that 460 SLI is way ahead of the 480 in terms of the benchmark score achieved. 460 SLI is already a clear winner here. The Temperatures for both the GPU’s stayed within limit during this first benchmark run.

  • Temps for Gigabyte GPU: Idle 40 – Load65
  • Temps for Sparkle GPU: Idle 38- Load 60

After the 1st run was completed, another run was given with both CPU and GPU overclocked. The Clocks for the 2nd Run were:

  • CPU @ 4.17Ghz, GPU at 880Mhz

And yet again the figures were pretty impressive. The Overall score came up to 7518 again beating the 480 by a long margin. For the sake of information this score is also more than a single GTX 580 Oced at 930 MHz and running with a 980x processor Oced at 4.5 GHz.

So stage one clear and the winner is clearly the 460 SLI.

3D Mark Vantage:

Next up was the turn for 3D Mark vantage to be checked. Both the cards were run in SLI mode. The First Run consisted of the following clocks:

  • CPU @ 3.3Ghz, GPUs @ 790 Mhz

The Overall GPU score for the 460s came up to a staggering 26080. A single 480 comes between 20-22k depending on clocks.

Another run was given to the 460 SLI with both GPU and CPU overclocked. The clocks were:

  • CPU @ 4.1Ghz, GPUs @ 880 Mhz

After this run was complete we saw a great boost in the score for the GPU. The overall GPU score came up to over 30k. Yes over 30000 Points which is pretty impressive.

Crysis 2 Benchmark:

Next up was the turn to check the most anticipated game of all time. The first version of this game was also a benchmark standard for many PCs. The game was tested at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or most commonly known as 1080.

Again there were 2 runs for this benchmark as well. For the first run the speeds were the same as for the other benchmarks.

  • CPU @ 3.3Ghz, GPUs @ 790Mhz

Once the run was over the average FPS at these clocks came up as 80.51 and the settings were chosen as extreme and with EDGE AA enabled. 2 Loops were run for this test. The thing that was observed was that CPU doesn’t make that much a difference in this benchmark, it was mostly GPU dependable. A 480 in a similar benchmark scores around 60 FPS with the same settings mentioned above.

Then after the 1st run there was a second run the PC Overclocked.

  • CPU @ 4.1Ghz, GPUs @ 880 Mhz

The overclocked of the GPUs obviously showed some exceptional results with average FPS going from 80 to almost 86. Max FPS recorded was 244.

So to conclude this test, both the 460 passed with flying colors.

Overall percentage performance comparison

If you don’t want the dirt details then the following percentage graph will show you that using GTX460 SLI setup gives around 10%~15% performance boost from a single high end GTX480 card.

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  • Gamer

    A very nice review, keep it up!

  • Datka98

    Now GTX 580 is out there. 460 is for last year

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