Roccat Apuri Review

By on May 6, 2011
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The Smart Desktop Management System you never knew you needed.

Good: Mouse bungee keeps mouse cable completely out of the way; Four powered or passive USB 2.0 ports; Rubber feet keep the unit rock steady
Bad: Complete rubber design attracts dust; USB 3.0 would have been better
Price: AED 199
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

The Roccat Apuri is a Smart Desktop Management System or SDMS device, as Roccat likes to call it. As the term implies, the Apuri is designed to be a cable management hub for your gaming rig. Essentially the Apuri has four USB 2.0 hubs on a tripod, with a Flexible Cable Mount for your mouse.

At first sight the Apuri looks like some sort of robotic unit from some sci-fi videogame, but a very cool looking one. The base unit has three extending legs that have a big rubber pad attached to the bottom of each foot, and the top has a long L shaped neck that is basically solid rubber with highly flexible joints. This is where you fix your mouse’ cable. Finishing off the design are three blue LEDs between each of the three legs, with a glowing Roccat logo under the top base. At all times the Apuri has a cool blue glow on all sides to remind you it’s for serious gaming business.

The Roccat Apuri comes with the ability to have a powered USB hub, or a passive one. For the former, you need to attach the supplied DC power cable; if you want it to act as a passive hub for devices that don’t need a power supply, you can simply attach the unit to your PC via the supplied mini-USB. Since I connect external (2.5”) HDDs for frequent data transfer, I prefer a powered connection. If, however, you’re only planning to connect USB sticks or mobile phones and cameras, you can make do with a passive USB connection as well.

I have to say the tripod design was a stroke of genius, as I have the power cable and mini-USB cords on the back side; what’s facing me are the four USB ports on the front. However, the real charm of the Apuri comes from the Flexible Cable Mount up top. The area where you can fix the cable of your mouse is pretty flexible (being rubber and all), so you can attach pretty much any mouse to the Apuri. I have a feeling that certain mice with thick braided cables might be an issue, but those are in the minority.

Once you decide on a suitable length, using a wired mouse becomes an extremely comfortable experience. So much so that you won’t feel the need to ever go wireless; unless you play games 10 feet away from your PC. Basically the mouse cable is stuck in the mount on the top, and provided that you’ve left enough wire, the patterned rubber feet at the bottom keep the Apuri stable enough that you won’t ever feel the cable get in your way while playing games. There’s absolutely never a feeling of extra pull that you get when a mouse cable is bent at tight angles at the edge of your table.

The best thing about the Apuri is that it does its job with such brilliance and subtlety that you’ll never notice its there, letting you concentrate on your game. It will always sit there on your table like a silent sentinel, or butler in this case, as it assists you in the most efficient way possible without coming in your way. Of course, the Apuri is primarily catered towards those with desktop computers, but I believe heavier notebooks (i.e. desktop replacement 15” & 17” machines) may also see benefit from the Apuri. At its price the Roccat Apuri may seem like a luxury item, but like an iPad, once you use it, you’ll never want to go back.


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