Samsung Wave II Review

By on March 12, 2011
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Like a true Hollywood sequel.

Good: Great built, Super LCD is pretty decent, 5MP camera, 3.7" screen, T9 Trace (swype)
Bad: its the same OS without any noticeable changes, clunky UI, Apps Store is still crap, Browser is terrible, loudspeaker is soft
Price: AED 2250 (approx.)
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.

Bada OS
The operating system has received a tiny upgrade to v1.2. We had covered the user interface of the Bada OS in our review for Samsung Wave and everything pretty much applies here as well. You would be hard pressed to find any major differences. The new version does bring a couple of new features, with more prominent being an improved browser and a Swype-like text input system (more on them in a bit).

The 1GHz Hummingbird is still pretty capable processor and does well launching and multitasking between applications. However, jumping over from an iPhone 4, the user interface felt clunky and unintuitive. The touch screen is no way near as good as the iPhone. Sorting through homescreens, contacts, images, music files felt pretty cumbersome and jarring. The processor did well whenever there was a need to launch something, but due to the OS’s limitations, it went under used in almost everything else.

Samsung Apps Store
Samsung offers its own App Store with every of its phones carrying the Bada tag. The store is divided into Featured, Top and Genre and stores the applications in much the similar way like any other application store out there. The apps are marked by user ratings and are featured in ‘Hot’ and ‘New’ sections under each category.

At the time when I reviewed the original Wave, the Samsung Apps Store only had about 60 apps. Thankfully, the store has now ballooned up quite a bit and houses more than 3000 apps across the categories. However, out of the large number of apps, only few can be accounted for being good quality apps. The store is littered with utter garbage that no one should be bothering with. And that still remains a main concern. The store needs a bit of cleaning up, and bouts of 3rd party apps which are pretty much non-existent.

Suffice to say, the Samsung Apps Store is nowhere close to even the recently launched Windows Phone 7, let alone heavy weights like Google Android or iOS App Store.

It’s crap. I cannot be more simpler than that. The Bada 1.2 has spruced up the WebKit-based Dolphin browser, mainly in terms of speed, but none of the supposed bug fixes and improvements has resulted in anything.

Text reflow is utterly bad, something the original suffered from as well. It’s surprising that something as mundane as this has not been worked upon yet. As a result, browsing is unbearable and pointless. The text is too dirty and small to be eligible for reading. The browser uses compression methods to load images quicker, which makes the web page look even untidier than it looked before. Lack of alternate browser on the app store snaps the final nail in the coffin in place.

T9 Trace
Samsung has borrowed over Android’s unique text input system called Swype for their OS, renaming it as T9 Trace. Swype is basically a new way to type on a touch screen device that aims to take the pain away from infuriating spelling mistakes by letting you just swipe over letters to make a word.  For example, if you want to write ‘hungry’ (which I am right now, and always), instead of normally typing it out, you can just swipe your finger from ‘H’ to ‘U’ and so on, without lifting your finger, to form the word. Swype works just as it would on the Android and is a welcome addition for those who want the intuitive typing system.

Call Quality
As hoped, the Wave II performed excellently in its calling capabilities. The earspeaker was loud and clear, with no hint of distortion unless it was a reception issue, which it didn’t have many at all. The loudspeaker, again, leaves a lot to be desired. It’s soft and tiny, and even in private I found myself straining to hear the voice.

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