LG Flatron E2260 Review

By on March 31, 2011
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Too expensive for its looks.

Good: Excellent color production, extremely slim profile, HDMI
Bad: Lacks contrast, wobbly stand, no extra features, pricey
Price: AED 1499
* The price is the Suggested Retail Price at the time of review. Please call a retailer to confirm the latest price for this product.


Color reproduction:
On our FlatPanelDK test, the LG E2260 performed surprisingly well. It had no trouble progressing from dark to light colors, displaying smooth gradients on all range of colors. We also noticed minimal backlight bleeding, with the display putting up pretty decent uniformity throughout the screen estate.

Now let me explain the “surprising” part. There is just an all-round lack of punch.  While the colors are good, there is a certain lack of juice, the ‘pop’ that we have come to expect from good quality monitors. It seems the contrast is severely limiting and this is most noticeable on Windows. It makes the whole image quality appear bland and tasteless.

Fortunately, this is mostly a non-issue with games. We played Dead Space and Bad Company 2 and found acceptable contrast that delivered where the games demanded. However, during our HD trailer playbacks, we did notice a few areas were the image looked washed out, especially during darker scenes. We did try to tinker around with the settings but couldn’t hit the right spot without compromising on either proper color reproduction or crushing the blacks.

Sharp. Clear. And properly cut. Text display is E2260′s biggest strength. We put the ability among a range of fonts and background colors and the display stayed put, delivering extremely precise text without ghosting or the purple-tint that most monitors produce.

The LG E2260 features a fast 5ms response time, which usually is more than enough for today’s games and movies. The best game to produce any ghosting is Dead Space, with its black and grey backgrounds helping to easily spot any deficiencies in a display. E2260 had no problems, whatsoever. Even during our image quality test, ghost-trailing was at its minimal.

Viewing angle:
Usually, an LCD’s optimal viewing angle is from the middle and that’s where the E2260 performs the best. Any slight variations and the image starts turning yellow. It would be impossible for two people to watch a movie without one of them facing crappy colors. It is sort of disappointing but hey, it’s only a 21.5 inch monitor, why are you sharing with someone else anyway?

You know, I quite like the monitor. Sure, it’s not really handsome but it’s not ugly either. And as long as it performs well during web surfing and gaming, I am all up for it. But there is only one problem: Samsung PX2370. The Samsung  looks incredibly sexy, performs much better than the LG, has a half a dozen of image optimizing features and it is cheaper than the LG. The LG E2260, quite honestly, has nothing going for it with its price tag. I cannot recommend it to you with other better monitors available in the market for a cheaper price.

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Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • Everett

    Um. . . I got mine for $160 in August of 2011 brand new.

    It performs well and is far from overpriced.

    You just got screwed.

  • kyle

    i payed 79.99 for mine in January of 2012, and it preforms just fine, never had any problems with it and i would defiantly buy more of them, so i second the notion that you got royally screwed.

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