JadoPado- a new online store in the UAE

By on March 17, 2011
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They’ll be amongst the first to sell imported iPad 2 in the UAE. That too, at a reasonable price.

4) Which products do you intend to sell on JadoPado?

Initially it’s going to be a range of Electronics & IT. We’ll add Books and Groceries over the up coming weeks. Other than that, just about anything is possible if things go well :)

5) Considering how people in the UAE are still not so open to spending online, how do you expect to make the venture profitable? I can see people might buy electronics and book but food and supermarket stuff? Also, I’m assuming it is not feasible to send out a delivery for a 10 dirham item- so how do you plan on combating that?

On the contrary I think that people in the UAE (or Dubai – since that’s our first test market) are actually pretty open to spending online. They just don’t do it a lot of it locally. If I remember the numbers correctly Aramex’s Shop n Ship has 100K members in the region.

More recently I think the coupon sites like Gonabit, Cobone and now Groupon have actually ignited local e-commerce purchasing in small way – people are getting more comfortable with using their cards online and that’s a really good thing!

I think it’s a gamble at this point – but I strongly feel that we have a lot more traction in terms of internet and payment penetration than we did four or five years ago. Will people buy their groceries online – my question is – why shouldn’t they? If you’re priced well and offer free delivery – do you really want to spend time standing in line at a supermarket?

We’ve got a small minimum order is place – 37 AED – a little hat tip to 37 Signals and our equivalent of 10 USD to try to avoid small delivery amounts – hopefully 37 AED won’t be considered to be sizable.

Delivery will be free. I see delivery as the offset fixed cost for not paying expensive rents and prime locations, rather than being something that needs to be charged to every customer. At this time I think the only way to manage this efficiently is to do it internally rather than outsourcing it.

In a nutshell my take on it is this – If you’ve got prices that are on par with the supermarkets, free delivery and solid customer support coupled with an easy experience – It has a decent chance of working!

I remain cautious – but we really need some solid e-commerce options out here – so hopefully, here we go!

6) So when is the big day? And when can customers pick up an iPad 2 from you? Also, will you have enough stocks?

The big day may actually be this Sunday – 20th of March. We’re considering pre-announcing the exact iPad units we have available alongside pricing and do a first come first serve at 9am. The initial product range will be very limited as we work out all the various supply chain kinks.

The iPad 2 will have a fixed price and available on a first come, first serve basis. I think it may strain our servers, but that may be a good way to test them out. Prices will be determined mostly by how much it’s costed us to get them here with a pretty slim margin on top. I want to save the exact details for an upcoming blog post explaining how we did it, what it costed and so on.

At launch we should have 10 units which I know is too few. To be honest, it’s been very difficult to get a hold of them. I expect them to keep trickling in as and when we’re able to buy them out in the States and elsewhere. We may continue to do pre-announcements to let people know when we have them available again.

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Abbas Jaffar Ali is the founder of tbreak.com and a blogger, geek and self-declared tech pundit who can't stop talking about technology. Find him on twitter as @ajaffarali

  • http://twitter.com/Mariastudio Maria Nachawi

    Interesting, both the name and the concept of the online shop, good luck

  • Frenchitup75

    so many stores already, nahel, aido, emiratesavenue, spendwisor, these guyz are brave, good luck but there are already well established store, even if tbreak seems to fail to see who are the 2-3 real active stores in the UAE unfortunately

  • Samarwa

    Thumbs up to jado pado.I ordered an iPad 2 from their site last week and I have to applaud their 5 star service and follow up.I would recommend this site anytime!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Samarwa,

      Thank you for your kind words! Appreciate it!

  • Hana

    I found the Jado Pado site quite by chance. I was shopping for an anniversary gift for my husband. I found exactly what I was looking for at Jado at a 600 dirham discount from market price. The delivery was super fast. They even called me to ask why I had booked delivery for the next day saying “We can do it right now!” and they actually did.

    Overall, a deffinet 10. You should all try it :)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Hana,

      I just stumbled across your comment. Thank you for the kind words! We’re trying hard to ensure that our service is as good as it can be!

      Appreciate the support. Give us a shout over on Twitter (@JadoPado:twitter ) or on Facebook (facebook.com/jadopado) should you wish to reach out!

      • Khalid

        hey can u check out my comment even “khalid”

      • http://twitter.com/indiansight indiansight

        hahaha paid commentors….

  • bukola

    i wouldrecommend thissiteto any one. excellent service.

  • Khalid

    actually jadopado is quite good but i took a blackberry and now its broken i went to many shops and they said water has got in the mobile but i did not even went with it in the washroom or the beach or the swimming pool .

    • Anonymous

      Hey Khalid, if you got an issue with something that you’ve purchased from us, please drop us a line over at help@jadopado.com and we’ll try to assist!

      • http://twitter.com/indiansight indiansight

        fake.. Ur customer care is the most Rude ones that I have witnessed, ….ever seriously how did u even think that 2-3 teenagers can manage the whole affairs of customer care of a ecommerce site, They freakin dont have the time to attend to the customers concerns and You dont even operate ur customer care 12 hours a day, Is the customer supposed to take away his precious time away from their jobs and wait for ur customer Care to pick up their phones and speak a few golden words and hang up back….?????

  • Optimus

    i want to buy a phone from jado pado but it has JADOPADO warranty nt the company warranty how safe is that ?coz phone is quite costly …plz help

    • mafiname

      don’t risk it, I have tried the JADOPADO 365 days warranty, it does not match the manufacturers warranty and they will make every excuse in the book to get out of it. DON’T TRUST THEM!

      • omarkassim

        Hello, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had an issue with the JadoPado Limited Warranty.

        It sounds like you’re referring to the issue that we’re discussing here: http://forums.jadopado.com/discussion/106/warranty.

        My apologies that our warranty did not meet your expectations. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to cover certain issues, even if the manufacturer touts them as features.

        We use the JadoPado Warranty as an assurance mechanism to ensure that we stand by a product and will repair and / or replace should it not meet the core functionality intended by the manufacturer.

        My apologies once again that we weren’t able to help out.

        Kind Regards,

        Omar Kassim

  • http://twitter.com/indiansight indiansight

    Dear Readers,

    I had ordered a product online, and my money was deducted by Jadopado. On following up with them I came to know that they would not ship my product until I gave them my Card details to their customer Care service,

    I had argued with them for 48 hours regarding this matter and seeing no hope gave them all my card details against my Bank’s advise. After that the Customer Care blatantly announced that the details dont match and they wont ship my product.

    At this point I had no other option but to cancel my order, I did the same. However even after cancellation Jadopado has failed to refund my money stating that money is not deducted by them and they are not responsible for my money.

    Still I am yet to recieve a refund from Jadopado. Please Read this and consider what your plight would be if you are dealing with such irresponsible buissness unit.


    • omarkassim


      We’ve clarified the situation with your case multiple times over the email case that we’ve got opened for your order.

      We have a one time, card verification process in place that you were unfortunately unable to meet since your card issuer was unable to provide you with an authorisation code for your transaction. We explained what an authorisation code was and how you could go about obtaining it. At the time we linked you to this Help topic: http://help.jadopado.com/customer/portal/articles/899356-what-is-an-authorisation-code- and also provided you with the first three digits of the code so that you could potentially obtain the code in an easier manner.

      At no point did any member of our CS team ask for any other card details. Aside from being against the card industry’s PCI DSS regulations, it isn’t an ethical practice.

      After you were unable to obtain the authorisation code you requested us to cancel your order. Prior to cancelling your order and multiple times during our email and Twitter exchanges, we explained that we carry out a pre-authorisation on your card and do not actually capture any payments until after your order has been dispatched.

      On a pre-auth transaction a refund does not need to take place. Your funds will automatically be returned to your card as soon as the authorisation expires. We clearly indicated that unfortunately this period was not in our control and that it differs from issuer to issuer, and can range from 15 to 30 days.

      Please be rest assured that your fund will be returned to you as soon as the authorisation expires. I’m certain that you’ll see the amount credited back on your next statement.

      Should you need any help, we’re always available at help@jadopado.com.

      Kind Regards,

      Omar Kassim

  • jon

    This livelong apathy I have for aftersale service has been proven to be an over board indifference when I contacted Jadopado. They jresponded fast and fixed my issues within a week . Comparing my prior experience with retail shops (trust me I got worst experience. Once a retail store guy in deira citycenter told me “it is all in your mind” when I took my phone for repair), this was something I wound expect the least from an online site. Thus, my overdue “thank you” to Jadopado and their CS and new found respect for aftersale services.

  • Mufaddal Contractor

    JadoPado i got it now and i was right..the name is in Gujarati language..and yes it means “fatty”. This word is a combination of two different words JADO and PADO, JADO means “Fatty” and PADO means (in Gujarati of course) “Bull”. both word as combine means “Fat like a bull”…:)

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