Jacky’s: Please let us be the ones to rip you off for the iPad 2

By on March 20, 2011
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“Why not get it through us” says the COO. Genuine Jacky’s.

I was going through this blog posted by Mr. Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer of Jacky’s Electronics and was baffled at what I read about their iPad 2 prices. Let me post a picture of this paragraph from his blog:

I don’t think Mr. Punjabi got his thoughts properly to his audience (or me in particular) because, If I am reading this correctly, it basically states that whoever wants to get ripped off by buying an iPad 2, please let Jacky’s be one that rips you off.

We called their Dubai Mall store to find the price at which they were selling it for and were informed an insane pricing of AED 5,300 for the 16GB WiFi unit. Let me point out that nahel.com was selling the exact same thing for 2,999 Dirhams two days back while JadoPado had it for 2,800 today. Both of them are out of stock at the moment but the premium Jacky’s is charging is quite clear.

So what is their explanation for this? Again, from their blog:

“Currently we’re buying stocks from traders in the US who are literally lining up outside Apple Store’s in the US and buying stocks at full retail price. Due to the unprecedented demand for the iPad 2, we’re buying these stocks at whatever price they’ll sell them to us at, which at the moment is at prices much higher than Apple’s official retail selling prices. In addition to this, we’re having to factor in costs of shipping, customs duties and warranty which all play a part in determining our selling price.”

I’m not sure I buy that. If comparatively smaller businesses like nahel.com and JadoPado can sell the iPad 2 for almost half as much as what Jackys is charging, then obviously someone with a much greater pull should be able to get them at similar or even lower prices.

Lets hope I don’t get sued for this.


Abbas Jaffar Ali is the founder of tbreak.com and a blogger, geek and self-declared tech pundit who can't stop talking about technology. Find him on twitter as @ajaffarali

  • http://twitter.com/asatiir asatiir

    this article has made my day LOL

    • http://twitter.com/ajaffarali Abbas Jaffar Ali


    • Anonymous

      Lol. This made my day too. :)

  • Swati Randev-Verma

    *two thumbs up*

  • Ashwinpadmanabhan

    nice…yeah they love to rip ppl off.

  • Ashish Panjabi

    Abbas – thanks for your feedback and don’t worry, you’re not getting sued by anyone. You’ve been honest enough to share your feedback and I have to accept that.

    You’ve made your points and we’ve made ours. I can’t comment on where other resellers are sourcing their devices from and they could have better sourcing than us. Furthermore, to secure stocks in large enough quantities, we’ve been buying at premium prices which is possibly why other resellers are currently out of stock.

    If we can get the stocks and land them here cheaper, it’ll surely reflect in our pricing. The idea is not to make a quick buck, we’re established retailers and apart from just selling the product, we’re providing the after sales support and warranty that we’re bound to provide as members of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES).

    Rest assured, your feedback is noted and hopefully we’ll seen the prices come down sooner, rather than later.

    Ashish Panjabi
    Chief Operating Officer
    Jacky’s Electronics LLC

    • http://twitter.com/ajaffarali Abbas Jaffar Ali

      Appreciate your feedback Ashish. That has certainly earned you some points!

      • Ashish Panjabi

        Thanks Abbas. I like the work you’re doing on the site. Keep it up and please feel free to share any feedback with us on our Twitter (@jackysuae) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/jackysuae) pages.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ashish,

      A very fair response. You’re absolutely right in saying that it comes down to sourcing – it really depends on how much you end up picking up the item for – if it’s at a premium then obviously yours or anyone else’s pricing for that matter will reflect that.

      In terms of numbers – availability is very limited – so it’s either you buy small quantities at lower prices – or pick up higher quantities at higher price. Tough choice either way.

      Great to see you active in the community!

      • Ashish Panjabi

        Omar – thanks for your feedback. One thing we’re weary of is that we’re not the only player in the market, we do have competition and we are just one of many people who could supply this product. After all it is up for individual consumers to decide where they want to purchase and while we will do our best to meet demands of most consumers where we can. We can try our best, but as is evident from some of the comments we’ve received, we won’t win them all, but it’s not for a lack of trying.

  • Niceguy

    Look at them be all nice and dandy… aww… it wadn’t our fawlt, we being chawged a pwemium for our wuwley iPad two. So we simply chawging you an outwageouws pwemium so we can make a quick buck. Don’t you undwestand how bisnessess wewks? I went to mawketing school fow dis sh*t. But Jacky’s lubs you… let us wip you off PWEAAAASE!!! Here’s my Twitter and Facebook….


  • http://www.facebook.com/asadullah.salim Asadullah Salim

    Jacky’s over SharafDG anyday :-)

  • Wael

    Abbas i think its slightly unfair to go all out on one of the most trusted retailers in the UAE without having a full understanding of sourcing and marketing. Are you aware that many other retailers sell an unlocked Iphone for almost double the price of an authorized retailer? I suggest that you visit Gitex next year and see the traders lined up with bags full of money to buy Blackberry from Etisalat only to cancel the service the same day, pay a 300 aed penalty and end up selling it unlocked for a 1,000+ premium. In micro economics the prices is set by the demand and supply and as long as a retailer finds someone to pay that price i see nothing wrong in it….we have a choice in selecting our preferred retailers :)

    • http://twitter.com/ajaffarali Abbas Jaffar Ali

      Wael- I’m sure there are many people and companies selling things at outrageous prices. But my point was that there are units of iPad 2 openly being sold for a lot less and Jacky’s, being one of the respected stores, should be one of those.

      Just yesterday, I was walking down Dubai Mall and saw the iPad 2 being sold for 4,000 Dirhams. And they had plenty of stock.

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