User patch makes Firefox 2x faster

By on January 24, 2011
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A 20-line patch loads Mozilla’s popular browser 50% faster on Windows.

Firefox is slow, and if it was onto me, I would have dictatorshipped all of your collective bums to either use Chrome or Opera, but that’s just me.

Anyway, to combat the snail-pace loading times of Mozilla’s popular browser, a user by the name of Taras Glek has written up a 20-line code that makes Firefox load as much as 2x faster on Windows.

Let him explain the technicality:
“We page in most of xul.dll and mozjs.dll. So i figured why not try lazy-linking libxul and preloading it. Turned out lazylinking didnt make any difference, but preloading seems to consistently shave up 2seconds of startup on my profile(40%). I’m going to doublecheck on my favourite user’s slow computer. Here is the patch in meantime.

Basic idea is that the sequential flag + bullshit read tricks windows into reading xul in 2mb chunks instead of stupid 32k(or smaller) ones. Have to do it this way because there is no fadvise() on Windows(that I know of). A big sequential read cuts down on a lot of seeks.”

Went over the head? Same here. But, many users have been reporting decreased loading times, especially on slower drives. Some have even professed love for the coder, but that’s for another article (not that I am going to write one).

You can get the patch from here. If you plan to apply it (and we should warn you about the dire consequences of using un-official code), do let us know how it went.


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