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By on January 16, 2011
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Essential reference material – Animal house, Ferris Bueler’s day off, school of rock, accepted, undeclared, freaks & geeks!

“Toga Toga Toga!”

To many of us who are in the professional careers now, the 80′s & 90′s is mostly a blur. Any recollections of academia we have form our school or college life has almost no scholastic value. For as you spawns of the new millennia are blessed with the advent of social media and smart devices thus leaving you spare time to emo out.

inClass is what digital calculators would have felt like when first introduced in schools back in the day. It’s such a remarkable revolutionary app that it could easily be asking $25 upwards in contrast to the many apps that jump on the bandwagon only to leech off your allowances; this free app in that regard is like a gracious scholarship from an Ivy League faculty handed out to any that’d seek its potential.

inClass is an app that is part scheduler part journal which keeps track of your coursework, terms, classes, tasks homework, reference material and lecturers.

Notes can be taken in any form, whether it is audio, video, photo or written notes, the app ingeniously associates them with your current sessions. HD recording is also available for you medical or art students when it comes to filming dissection of frogs soaked in phemaldehyde for later viewing on your LCD’s. Alarms (offline) as well as reminders can be set to constantly update you on due dates, submissions, exams etc. Levels of priority can also be attached to these to indicate the immediacy of completion.

Forwarding of notes is like sending paper planes off into the yonder; one can post notes on Facebook, send them out as an email with all media attachments up to a size of 15mb and common inClass users can easily get notes in-app via email link from classmates, coming quite handy when you’re ill or just busy charming the pants off a hottie.

Backing up is easy and helps when you’re running out of space with all the HD recording or large media files, iTunes file sharing allows you to transfer everything onto your computer and boom, and it’s all there. There is also a faster alternative in a state of emergency or when changing devices, you can email yourself a link of your backup and when you use your new device all files are restored, although this does not include your media files, and is only limited to text.

From its simple layout and presentation it stays clear of dreary functional apps that would fail to hold the interest of someone like me who suffers from ADD & ADHD. Its bamboo backgrounds, leather bounded term books, notes that are right out of a notepad or moleskin, felt marker fonts, neon highlighters and doodled art evokes the feel of something personal and essential. And the only way I see you not bettering off of this app is if you are not the bankable sibling of the family, or happen to be a social delinquent in the making.  The new wave of tech and apps ushers hope that one day schooling will become second nature to the youth.

I can rest easy now knowing that the future is in good hands, leaving me to reminisce of simpler days when Mario was big in japan, Cowabunga was the “it” word, my only friend was a sunflower called ICQ that greeted me in the late hours of the night in his familiar tone “eh-oh!” and my most memorable day has to be when Ferris and I bunked school only to culminate our day with a hip-shaking, head-banging performance before a wild crowd to “Twist & Shout!”

So go ahead and grab our App of the Week, inClass!


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