App of the Week: Bellshare BerryBuzz

By on December 5, 2010
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Customize your BlackBerry’s LED color for different types of messages.

The blinking red LED on your BlackBerry is one of it’s most useful features- it lets you know if a message has arrived on your device. What you might not know is that LED is capable of showing different colors as well, such as green, blue and white. The smart folks at Bellshare thought of utilizing this functionality to segregate your messages and thus BerryBuzz was born.

Here is how Bellshare describes BerryBuzz: “Tired of getting only red flashes from your device LED? Assign custom LED colors to ABOUT ANYTHING on your device. From e-mail, SMS, calls and many 3rd party apps to e-mails, SMS and calls from SPECIFIC CONTACTS.”

For someone like me who is constantly receiving multiple types of messages, such as a Twitter DM, an IM or BBM update, an SMS or an email, it is very useful to have my BlackBerry LED blink a separate color. This allows me to know what type of message has come in without even picking up my BlackBerry. So for instance, if my LED flashes green, I know that I have an SMS which might not be top priority for me compared to a message I’m expecting on BBM.

What’s even more amazing about BerryBuzz is that you can assign a specific LED color for a contact to prioritize a phone call or email from them. So, for example, you can set a specific color for your boss or your spouse and you would know where the email or SMS came from without checking it out. Right now, the contacts functionality is limited to a missed call, email or SMS but it would be nice if BellShare can extend this feature to work with BBM or Social Networks- provided the contact is linked with such services.

All of the settings of BerryBuzz can be adjusted inside the Options menu and it is fairly easy to set it all up. Other than the color of the LED, you can also customize vibrating alerts for any of the features of BerryBuzz. Available for OS5 and OS6 as well as touch and non-touch devices, BerryBuzz is our App of the Week.

Priced at US$5.99 from Mobihand, BerryBuzz is a bit more expensive than I would have thought but keep an eye out for promotions that keep discounting it’s price.


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