Stop complaining about your broadband UAE

By on November 3, 2010
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The UAE is in the Top 10 in Broadband Leadership and Penetration Worldwide

A study conducted by a team of MBA students from the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and the University of Oviedo’s Department of Applied Economics, and sponsored by Cisco shows that the United Arab Emirates Jumps into Top 10 in Broadband Leadership and Penetration Worldwide. Here is the table of how countries in the Middle East rank.

So stop complaining about how slow your broadband is because the guys at the University of Oxford think otherwise. Here is the Press Release:

The results of the third annual study of the quality of broadband connections around the globe reveals continued improvements worldwide, with more countries already prepared for the applications of tomorrow than in previous years and two thirds of the countries analyzed meeting or surpassing today’s needs.

Overall, thanks to a range of investments in infrastructure, global broadband quality has improved by 50% in just three years and penetration of broadband continues to improve, with about half of the households (49%) of the countries investigated now having access to broadband (up from 40% in 2008).

Quality was evaluated by scoring the combined download throughput, upload throughput, and latency capabilities of a connection, the key criteria for a connection’s ability to handle specific Internet applications, from consumer telepresence to online video and social networking. These criteria are expressed as a single ‘Broadband Quality Score’ for each country. By combining this Broadband Quality Score with broadband penetration figures for each country (i.e. the proportion of households who have access to broadband, obtained from Point Topic in 2010), the researchers were able to map out the world’s broadband leaders – those with the best combination of broadband quality and penetration (Note: For a full explanation of how the scores are calculated, see page 4 of the Broadband Quality Study 2010).

Building on last year’s study, the 2010 data also includes analysis of the broadband quality of 239 cities, providing further insight into the evolution of smart connected communities around the world.

The measurement of mobile broadband quality, was first introduced to the study last year, has also been expanded significantly to include 68 countries (94% of the overall sample). The research has also explored the patterns of broadband consumption per household and evaluating the impacts these will have on overall broadband quality requirements.

The study was conducted by a team of MBA students from the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and the University of Oviedo’s Department of Applied Economics, and sponsored by Cisco.


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  • Solid Snake

    yeh I get it. If Etisalat is at the top just imagine how the last one is going to be lol

  • Yousef Hanoun

    you can not compare small area with big area, compare uae with Switzerland and then tell me the score 100% !!!

  • Dubai Data

    Hmm. Very interesting….but totally invalid.

    I live in the UAE and will continue to complain about my broadband thank you very much. Purely because of the service I receive from the company who provide it.

    Out of dignity…..and the fear that freedom of speech isn’t always as free as one would like…..I will not mention who that company is.

    To drill down a little, Mr. Abbas Jaffar Ali, you must understand how awful the service is from said company. Anytime there’s a problem, try getting it solved by the people on the phone. I think smashing a common house brick over my own head would be less painful. I will save you the gruesome case by case details of the numerous problems brought about through the service from this company…but rest assured it’s a horror story.

    And this is before we go into details such as terrible upload speeds, casual use of words such as ‘unlimited’, days of work lost waiting for people to arrive, hour upon hour spent on the phone, people hanging up when they can’t solve your problem because they know you can’t trace them, incorrect automated menu options, extortionate pricing, etc.

    Anyway – rant over. On the upside, at least I don’t live in Angola.


    • Abbas Jaffar Ali

      Maybe I should inert [sarcasm] [/sarcasm] tags next time :)

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