iPhone 4 users complain about fragile glass

By on October 13, 2010
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Complains about iPhone 4 breaking is 82% higher than that of 3GS.

As if the Antennagate, Foxconn slave shop controversy and other numerous problems that plagued the iPhone 4 was not enough, Apple has another one on their hands: Glassgate.

Users of iPhone 4 have been regularly complaining about the glass covers donning both sides of the device of being too fragile. Fragile enough to crack. According to a study conducted by SquareTrade Care Plans over 20,000 iPhone 4s, complaints about the device breaking has increased 82% over that of iPhone 3GS. There have also been reports of the back glass cracking with a slip cover on, leaving users lesser ways of protecting their gadget.

The result are surprisingly since one of the features that Apple touted before the iPhone 4′s release was its use of a better, stronger glass which, they demonstrated, would not break even under high pressure.

Source: SquareTrade.


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  • Robert

    Here’s the real gotcha with all this broken glass. If you expect a consumer to be aware of the glass being eggshell fragile you should mark the case and “STATE SO” Apple Morons!

    Apple and AT&T failed to notify the consumer that the iPhone was this fragile. They soak you for the phones replacement costs ($199.00) plus whatever real profits they make over again.

    Quote from the iPhone 4 box “Designed by Apple in Californa” “Assembled in China” <– Shhhhh don't tell anyone where the parts come from.

    It seems reasonable that a phone will be dropped, and it seems reasonable that such a device should not break from minor falls but such is not the case with the iPhone 4

    Did you notice Apple is starting to feel the pains of their size the exact same way Microsoft did years ago? They recently exceeded Microsoft at profits which is a good thing, or is it?

    Ask yourself that question when their customer service drones tells you the instructions said the phone was "VERY FRAGILE". Would a reasonable person drop a phone, certainly they would.

    Would a reasonable company make a fit product that could survive a minor fall? Most certainly. Would a reasonable company take extra caution warn you the glass cracks very easily, you bet they would.

    A greedy company would prefer to charge you $199 for a replacement and resell yours after they fix it. Ahhh, so they profit off the defect…. DING DING DING.. Yes, Apple and other large companies do profit off pretty flashy and "EXTREMELY FRAGILE PHONES"

    Ready to file a class action yet?

    Apple free to copy me at my SPAM address robert_rathbun at hotmail dot com (spam away).

    Whoever thought Apple would be put in the same context as Microsoft, or the Mortgage industry worse yet!

    Go Steve, screw the consumers and make room for new growth in the market!!!!!

  • Jason

    Apple “Glassgarte” claims another victim. $199 to repair a $10-$20 piece of glass. Way to go Apple!!!

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