ChromePlus Review: A fantastic alternative to Chrome

By on August 14, 2010
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A great number of built-in features set it apart from its mother browser.

Functionalities & Features:

Here is a list of features from the top of my head that have strung me into a habit that makes it hard for me to shift to a new browser or even the original Google Chrome:

Double click tab to close: Users who use high DPI settings on their mouse will appreciate this feature. It allows you to double click any area of the tab to perform the close action. This negate the need to aim for the little ‘x’ button on each tab. Of course, this feature can be turned off if you have a twitchy finger, weirdo.

Mouse Gestures: Sure there are mouse gestures extensions available for Google Chrome that does the job but due to restrictions placed by Google, they don’t really cut it. For example, on Google Chrome gestures are turned off on the new tabs page, extension page, Chrome extension website, or any other built-in chrome pages; this quickly becomes an annoyance. On the other side, ChromePlus has had these restrictions alleviated and the gestures can be used on any page without any problems. In addition to this, the built-in mouse gestures in ChromePlus work much, much faster and are not clunky or jittery during page loading.

Super Drag: Again, there are extensions that do the job, and once again they don’t quite cut it. I have tried numerous drag and drop extensions yet ChromePlus’s super drag feature proved to be the most efficient one. Super drag allows you to drag and drop links, images and text within the window frame to instantly open them up in a new tab; for selected text it will automatically do a search with the default search engine.

IE Tab: I don’t use it, and there is no reason anyone should anymore. But there are occasions when a page only renders correctly on Internet Explorer due to sub-standard coding by the developer. Your first instinct should always be to try another set of browsers, and only when everything fails should you use the IE Tab feature on ChromePlus. Similar to the one found for Firefox, the IE Tab feature allows opening a webpage within the Chrome browser but using IE’s rendering engine. This way, at least you won’t have to open Internet Explorer. God bless whoever thought of this.

Download tools: I love the handy little pop-up in Chrome when a download is initiated. It displays the relevant information about the ongoing download – file size, percentage done, etc – without having to go to a separate ‘downloads’ page. Adding to handiness of the situation is ChromePlus’ two additional tools: Remove from Hard Disk and Copy File Path. ‘Remove from Hard Disk’ instantly wipes the download from the hard drive without having to go through the laborious process of finding the file your hard drive, pressing shift+delete and then a spacebar again. ‘Copy File Path’ copies the download URL so you can start the particular download on your favorite download manager. Unfortunately, Chrome still lacks a good Flashgot alternative.

Undo Closed Tab button: Closed a tab by mistake? Just click a button and bring it back right into the place it was before! While extensions are available that offer similar functionality, again due to restrictions placed by Google, none of the extensions are capable of loading the back ‘history’ of the tab along with it. No such problem in ChromePlus.

Last Tab Standing: Google Chrome shuts off when the last tab is closed. ChromePlus, however, presents with an option to turn that behavior off. This is a life saver for Speed Dial users that wants access to their sexy dials on the last tab.

Mouse Wheel Tab Scrolling: Surprisingly, Google Chrome does not allow tab scrolling via the mouse wheel. So the addition of this feature in ChromePlus is welcomed.

Boss Key: Every employee in a desk job needs this. No exceptions. Nuff said.

Minimize to System Tray: Too lazy to close all the tabs and come back to them manually later on? Well, just minimize to the system tray then!

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