Volkswagen CC V6 Review

By on July 22, 2010
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With adaptive cruise control, GPS, Bluetooth and Lane Assist, the CC is how cars of the future will operate.

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The Verdict:
With the CC V6, Volkswagen shows us how cars of the future will work

The CC V6 we received supports lane assist and front assist features that help a great deal in driving safely. Lane assist makes sure you stay in the lane and slightly nudges you back if you try to change your lane unless you use the indicator. Front Assist automatically maintains a predefined distance to the vehicle ahead of you and slows the car down if the minimum distance is exceeded. This also works with cruise control.

For help with parking, you have a colored rear-view camera upon which the path of your back tracking is super-imposed and turns with your steering wheel giving you a very good idea on where you can and can’t reverse your car. Along with that you also have ultrasound sensors on the bumpers that beep when you are close to something. A Park Assist feature is also present that automatically parallel-parks your car, however, I did not get a chance to test that out.

One more interesting feature is that you can have a light on the left or right side power up when you move the steering wheel in that direction. This comes in handy during night time and low-lit areas to manoeuvre the car.


The Volkswagen CC V6 is a beautiful car- inside and out. The sporty look combined with a sedan’s space makes it ideal for someone wanting a taste of both. The upholstery on the seats will make you feel like you are inside a much more expensive car. On the newer model, VW has added a third seat in the back allowing more room for additional passengers. Thankfully you have cup holders in the front and back to carry morning coffee for all the passengers.

To enjoy the ride, a panoramic transparent roof of 750 millimetres long and 1,120 millimetres wide provides a good view. The back seat also features a 230-volt socket for charging or keeping things like portable DVD players powered up. At the back, the CC V6 has an incredibly large boot to carry stuff around.

Driving the CC V6 was also a delight thanks to its V6, 220 kW / 300 hp 3.6 litre six cylinder direct injection gasoline engine. Pressing down on the accelerator gives a nice kick, especially in sport or manual modes. VW claims 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and we believe them.

The two things that I wasn’t too fond of the CC V6 were the air conditioning and the fuel consumption. Granted fuel consumption will be high on a V6 with 300bhp, it would’ve been nice if the mpg increased under comfort driving mode. Also the cooling on CC V6 was strictly ok. The car would take a while to cool and it would never get very cold even with the temperatures kept at minimum.

Overall, the Volkswagen CC V6 is a beautiful and powerful car with an incredible amount of technology that works quite well. Priced at AED 169,000 as reviewed, we think that the technology present in the car justifies the price.

We would like to thank Volkswagen for loaning the car to us for this article.

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    It is a brilliant car and what a brilliant review. Thank you.

  • 30ValveV6

    Hello, folks. Just wanted to add a few notes in here. I’m a Volkswagen Consultant in the United States and I saw a couple discrepancies I just wanted to help clear up. For those hot days that you want to start the car but want to let out the heat, just hold the drivers side window switch when you get in. This will open all 4 windows. You can use this to raise your windows as well. As for the iPhone connectivity issue, there may have been a setting off on either the car or your phone. I’ve connected numerous iPhones to the vehicle without any problems. Bluetooth connection and Bluetooth audio are fully functional. I definitely encourage you to try the Parking Assist if you get a chance. This is pretty much the most all inclusive vehicle starting at $30k (US).

  • Chicago Volkwagen CC

    I’m in favor of this modern Volkswagen model that does have well capacity to drive and to park well. I’m thankful to Volkswagen for its dynamic technology.

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