Volkswagen CC V6 Review

By on July 22, 2010
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With adaptive cruise control, GPS, Bluetooth and Lane Assist, the CC is how cars of the future will operate.

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With the CC V6, Volkswagen shows us how cars of the future will work

The VW CC V6 is powered by the latest RNS 510 radio navigation system featuring a beautiful high-res TFT touch screen which is perfect for a GPS system. The maps displayed on the screen can be displayed in 2D which is more like an overhead view or 3D showing you streets and venues ahead of you. You can very easily locate or enter the names of destinations using the touch screen. I tried a couple of different destinations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the voice-guided navigation brought me to my destination- although not always using the shortest or best routes. Part of this is due to the continuous road works that go around in the UAE.


The GPS system also shows you the speed limit of the road you are driving on and a good idea for future could be to use this speed limit as your warning tone on the speedometer instead of the fixed one at 120 km/h. For those interested, the tone is just a one-off thing and not the continuously annoying beep found in some other cars.

For testing Bluetooth connectivity, I used four different phones out of which the Android based Samsung Galaxy S and the Blackberry 8520 connected, however the HTC Desire and iPhone 3GS running iOS4 proved to be incompatible which is a bit of a shame.

When Bluetooth is connected, you are not able to use your handset- The Samsung Galaxy S switched to a “remote-SIM” mode while the Blackberry locked out with a dialogue box to disconnect Bluetooth. So for example, I could not check emails on the Blackberry while it was connected to the CC V6. Also, the phonebook on the CC V6 only downloads items present on your SIM card and not on the phone itself.

VW CC Keypad

A nice little touch is the pop-up numeric keypad is present close to the steering wheel allowing you to easily dial-out numbers. I think this is a great idea, however, the keys are a bit hard to press especially considering that a lot of us might be driving while using this.

VW Center Console

The VW CC V6 has some of the best multi-media features I’ve seen in a car. Starting off, you have a standard optical drive that can playback WMA/MP3 audio as well as DVD movies on the car’s beautiful high-res screen. A CD changer is optional but in a world where digital media rules, I doubt you would want that. For accessing your digital media, you have the option to connect your iPod in the glove compartment. I used my iPhone and although I was able to see all my tracks and play them in shuffle mode, I could not access my playlists.

Other than that, our CC V6 had a built-in 20GB hard drive that you can transfer songs to. This is done using an SD card that plugs into your console or an MP3 filled CD. Speaking of the SD card, you can also directly play your audio files off it.

Lastly, the FM radio supports RDS or Radio Data Services that lets you display the name of the station you are listening to and any other info that is transmitted. The RNS 510 system tightly integrates the GPS and media functionalities, so for example, while using the GPS, you can pull up your favourite stations list or track info.

Putting it all together, the CC V6 has an excellent 2ow eight speaker sound system. The quality of audio is crisp even at the loudest volume while the bass levels are enough to provide a good punch. A2DP pairing is also supported as an optional feature to stream music wirelessly from your phone/MP3 player.

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    It is a brilliant car and what a brilliant review. Thank you.

  • 30ValveV6

    Hello, folks. Just wanted to add a few notes in here. I’m a Volkswagen Consultant in the United States and I saw a couple discrepancies I just wanted to help clear up. For those hot days that you want to start the car but want to let out the heat, just hold the drivers side window switch when you get in. This will open all 4 windows. You can use this to raise your windows as well. As for the iPhone connectivity issue, there may have been a setting off on either the car or your phone. I’ve connected numerous iPhones to the vehicle without any problems. Bluetooth connection and Bluetooth audio are fully functional. I definitely encourage you to try the Parking Assist if you get a chance. This is pretty much the most all inclusive vehicle starting at $30k (US).

  • Chicago Volkwagen CC

    I’m in favor of this modern Volkswagen model that does have well capacity to drive and to park well. I’m thankful to Volkswagen for its dynamic technology.

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