Volkswagen CC V6 Review

By on July 22, 2010
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With adaptive cruise control, GPS, Bluetooth and Lane Assist, the CC is how cars of the future will operate.

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With the CC V6, Volkswagen shows us how cars of the future will work

In today’s world, technology has no boundaries. We see tech in everything from the solar powered parking meter to a wi-fi signal detecting t-shirt. Cars are no exception and gone are the days when the standard to change gears involved fighting with the clutch and adjusting your rear-view mirrors meant getting out of the car. Cars of today automatically park themselves, tell you of any upcoming traffic jams and call someone by simply calling out their name. In our first ever Car Tech article, we look at the Volkswagen CC V6- a car that we think is an achievement in technology at it’s price.

Just to set off on the right foot, our take on cars is a bit different than dedicated car sites and magazines that tell you how a car runs, corners and carries. We are a tech website and thus our focus is on the cool technologies that cars of today and tomorrow have to offer. That being said, once we get the tech details out of way, we do have a short take on how we feel about the car in general. On that note, let’s find out how we felt about the technological wonder that the Volkswagen CC V6 is.

VW CC Full Car Shot

Starting from the outside, the VW CC V6 supports keyless entry and ignition. As long as you have the key in your pocket, you can unlock the door by simply pulling in the handle. Similarly, exiting the car and just pressing the handle will lock the car.

VW CC Car Handle

Once you are inside the car, you press on the “Kessy” ignition switch to power up the car. Like a traditional car key, you need to hold the switch for a second or two until the engine powers up. I noticed that I had to keep the drivers side door closed for the engine to power up which becomes an issue in the heat when you need to turn on the AC as fast as you can.

VW Seat Adjustments

The controls for adjusting the drivers seat are semi-automatic. You need to manually adjust to move the seat towards and away from the steering wheel as well as raising its height. Tilting the seat is automatic and so is the lower back support which is a great for people with lower back pains.

VW Drivers Seat Controls

Once you’re seated, the left side has options to lock/unlock your doors as well as roll down any of the windows. You can also adjust the rear-view mirrors from this panel however, they don’t automatically fold-in every time you power down the car. You have to use the adjustment knob to fold them at your will.

VW CC V6 Engine

The 300hp V6 engine certainly delivers a nice kick, however, you also have the option of driving the car in comfort mode through a switch on the gearbox. The comfort mode is actually quite comfortable with no noticeable jerks as the car changes gears. Alternatively, you can switch to a manual mode and use the paddle gears on the steering wheel to change gears as you like. I’m not really a racer but I didn’t notice any lag using the paddle shift to change gears.

VW CC Steering Wheel

The Steering Wheel has a bunch of controls on both the sides. The left side is mainly for controlling your media such as changing the volume levels as well as skipping tracks. A voice command button is also present here that lets you call out and dial a number which sadly doesn’t work very well with our Middle Eastern accents and names.

The right side of the steering wheel has a 4-way control for the LCD screen that sits between the Speedometer and the RPM meter. On this screen, you can access multiple functions such as your mobile phone, park and driving assists as well as the on-board computer than calculates things like your current mileage. Outside temperature is also shown on this screen and looking at the 47 degrees it showed us was not a pretty sight.

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    It is a brilliant car and what a brilliant review. Thank you.

  • 30ValveV6

    Hello, folks. Just wanted to add a few notes in here. I’m a Volkswagen Consultant in the United States and I saw a couple discrepancies I just wanted to help clear up. For those hot days that you want to start the car but want to let out the heat, just hold the drivers side window switch when you get in. This will open all 4 windows. You can use this to raise your windows as well. As for the iPhone connectivity issue, there may have been a setting off on either the car or your phone. I’ve connected numerous iPhones to the vehicle without any problems. Bluetooth connection and Bluetooth audio are fully functional. I definitely encourage you to try the Parking Assist if you get a chance. This is pretty much the most all inclusive vehicle starting at $30k (US).

  • Chicago Volkwagen CC

    I’m in favor of this modern Volkswagen model that does have well capacity to drive and to park well. I’m thankful to Volkswagen for its dynamic technology.

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