Toshiba STOR.E ART 3 1TB Portable Hard Drive Review

By on July 19, 2010
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Carry one terrabyte of data with you.

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The Verdict:
Lots of storage. Little Space. Sadly no USB 3 interface

Just like you always want a faster CPU in your computer, you always want more storage as well. File sizes and number of files keep increasing and what was sufficient a couple of years back is barely enough now. This is true not just for fixed storage such as the hard drives inside your PC but also for portable storage and Toshiba does good by releasing a 1TB version of their STOR.E ART 3 portable USB 2.0 hard drive.

Some of the earlier higher-capacity portable drives were a two-in-one solution, however, the STOR.E ART 3 has a single 2.5” 1TB hard drive inside its casing. So although it’s 6.4cm height might not sound as sexy as some of the lower capacity drives, it’s also not as thick as the earlier high capacity dual drive solutions either. With a glossy front and back along with a rubberized edge that is good for a grip hopefully enough to survice a drop, the STOR.E ART 3 is pretty average in terms of looks. An LED on the top of the unit flickers when the drive is accessed.

Included in the package is a USB cable which is all that’s needed to power up and access the drive. The drive is pre-formatted NTFS-3g so Windows users will have no problems reading or writing to it, however, you might need to reformat it if you want to use a Mac or use an application like MacFuse that can write to NTFS partitions under OS X. Toshiba preloads the Windows version for NTI BackupNow EZ application that allows you to backup folders/files as well as create images. You can also schedule the backup process to automatically create a backup of your PC.

We tested the drive using HD Tach and as expected the USB 2.0 bus limited the throughput of the STOR.E ART 3 between 30 to 35MB/s which is with almost all USB 2.0 drives that we’ve tested to date. The following screenshot shows you the numbers.

Priced at AED 680 (US$ 185/-), the Toshiba STOR.E ART 3 goes for what you’d expect to pay for a 1TB portable drive at the moment. I do wish that it offered a USB 3.0 interface for faster access, as accessing 1TB of data over a USB 2.0 interface can a while.


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  • Bawazir_world

    how to make partition in toshiba usb hdd stor.e art3

  • Reuben

    what ever files I do save on to the hard drive disk take a long time to open and I can’t copy them back onto my computer! I have formatted the drive 3 times now on ntfs and 4306 for windows 7 and it still doesn’t function properly! any help?

  • Tomcent

    Well, It is/was a verry good drive, but I can tell you the rubber band is not enough to survive a drop. ;)
    Mine fell from about 60 cm height, disconnected halfway that, and ended on a soft wooden floor. When I plugged it in: terrible scraping sound, imediatelly plugged it out…
    Now trying for months to find a way to get it recovered (without paying a 1000 euro)

  • Martin Adams

    I brought one of these in Feb 2011 and have been using it every day since then (600+ days so far). It is my main drive as a source for torrent files, so is literally in use permantly, well almost permanently… I´ve dropped it a couple of times too (maybe not quite 60cm). Summary – a DAMN good drive, the best I ever brought… Silent, reliable, stylish, robust. But I also know with some experience of drives, it can be a bit hit-and-miss as individual drives from the same manufacturor can give different results…

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